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th e G e org e W ashi n gto n U n iv e rsit y L aw S chool clinical perspectives N e ws [ n e ws a n d curr e n t issu e s ] New Clinic Project Fights Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a global human rights problem. Traffickers prey on people with structural and individual vulnerabilities, exploiting their labor and holding them in conditions of servitude. Employing legal strategies to address this growing problem, GW Law’s International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) created a new project to assist people in the United States who are survivors of human trafficking. I n collaboration with The World Organization for Human Rights USA (Human Rights USA), the IHRC—under the direction of Professor Arturo Carrillo—initiated a federal litigation project that will file cases under a number of state and federal statutes, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, on behalf of trafficking survivors. The clinic seeks to establish that, as victims of human rights violations, trafficked persons are entitled to compensation that exceeds unpaid wages and encompasses a wide range of damages. The clinic also seeks to expand the legal definition of trafficking, creating an entitlement to legal relief for a broader range of victims of coerced labor. S pri n g 1, 11 news 1 Viewpoint 3 Kudos 2 0 1 0 4  s elected presentations & Publications 6 [ insight vi e wpoi n t ] Notes from the Clinical Dean Assoc. Dean Phyllis Goldfarb A Professor Arturo Carrillo (top left) and Friedman Fellow Annie Smith (top right) with the IHRC’s Litigation Team. continued on page 10 dapting to the new— new status, new people, new programs—is becoming something of a habit at the Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics, where the winds of change are blowing strong. At the same time, there is continuity, as we devote ourselves to our longstanding mission to provide law students with indelible educational experiences as they provide our clients and our community with vital legal services. In this issue of Clinical Perspectives, we will share with continued on page 3

Clinics Newsletter Spring 2010

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