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Advocate Or Current Occupant Volume 28 No. 1 January-February 2012 The Advocate - A Publication of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of The United Methodist Church Fulfilling our commitment as United Methodist When we join The United Methodist Church, we make a promise to participate faithfully in its ministries with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. It’s a big promise to make! It often means doing things outside our comfort zone, especially when it comes to giving. As we rethink church, perhaps we also should rethink giving. What if giving was less about obligation and more about joy? What if giving wasn’t just our Christian “duty,” but a way to express gratitude for God’s abundance? What if we stopped being afraid that we won’t have enough and instead realized that God always provides more than enough? In John 21:17-19, Jesus asked His loyal disciple, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” When Simon Peter assured Him that the answer was yes, Jesus instructed, “Follow me.” When we follow Jesus, we become more like Him – generous, spontaneous and unconditional givers. We give our all – whether it is in dollars and cents, hours of the day, talents or attention. How can we give any less when we have received so much? At Annual Conference in June delegates as well as clergy approved the 2012 budget for the OIMC that included a total for apportionments of $187,326. The apportionment schedule reflects our connectionalism as well as our local church, district and conference needs for ministry. It was voted and approved to use the same apportionment formula for the churches as used previously. This formula is based on 75% average worship attendance and 25% local church expenditures for current program expenses, other operating expenses and all staff compensation as reported on the Local Church Report to the Annual Conference. The apportionments for the year 2012 have increased and reflect .01% of the total general church budget. This year eight Second Mile Givings were approved. Second Mile Giving is a challenge to the local churches. Once the apportionments and insurance have been met, can we go another mile and support another program. Apportionments: World Service, $6,305; *Conference Benevolences, $21,050; Black College Fund, $834; General Administration, $720; Interdenomination Cooperation, $166; Ministerial Education Fund, $2,092; Episcopal Fund, $1,921; Africa University, $187; Jurisdictional Administration, $787; Lydia Patterson Institute, $1,656; Mt. Sequoyah Retreat Center, $377; SMU Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry, $207; Pastors Insurance, $55,000; Pastors Moving Allowance, $3,600; Unfunded Liability: Retired Pastors Insurance, $5,000; Course of Study School (28.57% of cost), $4,000; Advocate Newspaper, $5,000; General Conference Delegate, $6,000; Administrative Services, $72,424; TOTAL $187,326. *Conference Benevolences: Council on Finance and Administration, $3,000; Monitor and Review Committee, $300; Board of Ordained Ministry, $3,000; Nominations and Personnel, $500; Council on Local Church Ministries, $8,000; Episcopal Committee, $800; Archives and History, $900; Standing Rules and Journal Review, $350; Lay Leader/Board of Laity, $1,700; Conference Campus Ministry Board, $1,500; Continuing Education Committee, $1,000; TOTAL $21,050. Second Mile Givings: Cookson Hills Center, at least $65 per church; Church and District Facilities Repair Fund, at least $91 per local church; Youth Service Fund, $90 per local church; OIMC Campus Ministry Programming, $50 per local church; Conference Parish Partners, $50 per local church; Property Insurance Deductible Fund, $50 per local church; Local Church Mission Project (project of their choosing); Special Day Offerings. Special Day Offerings include the following: Human Relations Day, January 15; Conference Campus Ministry Offering, February 19; One Great Hour of Sharing, March 18; Gold Cross Sunday, any Sunday in April; Native American Ministries Sunday, April 22; Peace with Justice Sunday, June 3; UM Volunteers in Mission Awareness Sunday, September 16; World Communion Sunday, October 7; Laity Day, October 21; United Methodist Student Day, November 25. As a missionary conference we are obligated to pay apportionments at 100%. As well as insurance, the conference has to make the monthly insurance premium whether the churches pay their share or not. The amount churches are requested to pay is only 65% of what the conference is charged for your specific facility. Therefore as we begin this new year churches are encouraged to examine their way of giving to insure the 100% comes directly from the churches. As our Bishop has reminded us, “we can’t go the second mile if we haven’t gone the first.” A special thank you to those churches that have made it a custom of submitting all their apportionments as well as their insurance at the beginning of the year! of the kindness of people. They thought it was pretty cool! Happy children left with arms full of gifts and treat sacks. I am thankful to God Almighty for placing these brothers and sisters in Christ in our lives. The communication line has been opened. Now it is time for everyone to build a relationship with each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Merry Christmas and Blessing in the New Year,” Thank you for your assistance! The churches of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference would like to thank all of those who assisted our churches throughout the year whether that assistance was at Christmas time or any time throughout the year! If it were not for the assistance that some of our churches have received throughout the year they would not have been able to continue with their ministries such as VBS as well as upkeep of their facilities. From Rev. Donna Pewo, pastor of El Reno Fellowship and Clinton Church and Community Center: “On the beautiful afternoon of December 18th, the children of El Reno Indian UMC were full of excitement and anticipation! By the generosity of several churches from the Oklahoma conference and individuals, the children of El Reno Indian UMC were giddy with laughter as they opened their gifts. With such speed in their little hands paper was torn and the smiles on faces were priceless. It was so rewarding watching the children, hearing the comments, ‘Look, look what I got!’ or ‘Wow! Look at this!’ and my favorite ‘Look at my new baby doll!’ There was not one disappointed child at that gathering!!! What a wonderful opportunity for our church to see God’s hands moving and touching the lives of these children. The youth were in awe

Advocate January - February 2012

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