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the UNITY inside this issue... MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION etter CENTER newsl Volume 4, Issue 1 September 30, 2013 Upcoming Events Ally Connection Cultural Awareness Night Reflections from BRIDGE Where Are They Now? Virtual Voices Crafting Unity October 4 8 17 30 November 6 15 Ally Connection My name is Sara Díaz. I am an assistant professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and my area of expertise is women of color in science. I earned my BA in Chemistry and Spanish Literature from Whitman College. At the University of Washington I completed a Master’s degree in the history of science and my PhD in Feminist Studies. While I was a student at Whitman, I worked in the multicultural affairs office and at UW I co-founded a collective for women of color. I am so excited to be at Gonzaga, because our social justice mission makes room for my deep commitment to diversity. In my teaching and scholarship, I emphasize that the differences between us can be a tremendous tool, rather than a hindrance. Differences teach us about the world beyond our own individual experiences. It is our difference, and not our sameness, that is crucial to building the kind of understanding and respect that are necessary to successfully work together toward a more just and inclusive future. In all of my classes difference is a central theme. Specifically, my classes examine the way the various kinds of difference (race, class, gender, sexuality) are related to one another and work together in our interpersonal and institutional experiences. My classes, like “Gender, Difference, and Power” and “The Isms: Race, Class, and Gender,” explore these ideas in depth and I would love to have you in my class! Or, just stop by my office for a chat so I can get to know you! 502 e boone ave msc#2466, spokane, wa 99258 Cultural Awareness Night: Deaf Jam Sister Outsider Poetry Mocktail Movie Night: The Loving Story Real Talk: Multiracial Identity Crafting Unity Annual International Day of Tolerance Important Notice UMEC’s new physical location is 730 E. Boone Ave. On the corner of Boone and Cincinnati (Arcross from the BARC). Photos courtesy of UMEC Staff Reflection by David H. Garcia, UMEC Assistant Director On the evening of September 12, staff, faculty, students, and members of the greater Spokane Community gathered for this year’s first Cultural Awareness Night to watch the film, Black in Latin America: Brazil produced by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. In the documentary, Gates explored how Brazil is waking up to its historical legacy of the world’s largest slave economy and the intellectual development of “racial democracy.” Brazil has the second largest African population on the planet, after Nigeria. Attendees engaged in a post-film dialogue facilitated by Dr. Rebecca Marquis about the realities and impact of Brazil’s racial divide. (509) 313-5836

UMEC September 2013 Newsletter

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