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the UNITY inside this issue... MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION etter CENTER newsl Volume 4, Issue 3 February 27 2014 Upcoming Events Ally Connection Crafting Unity GU Iron Chef January in Justice Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Where Are They Now? BRIDGE CORE Announcement March/April UMEC Events Ally Connection 5 27 March Crafting Unity: Connie Soto Murphy Art Exhibit Diversity Monologues April 4 25 Cultural Awareness Night: Vincent Who? Stand Against Racism May 5 UMEC Study Break types and locations into a dynamic Catholic, Jesuit learning environment. Through the years I have seized various opportunities to delve into diversity issues on both a personal and organizational level. A watershed experience for me was creating a diversity education program that centered on four broad themes: Start With Yourself; All Oppression Hurts; Hear it, See it, Feel it, Change it; and Remember… You are a Work in Progress. These themes continue to guide my work, whether it is when I collaborate with colleagues to create new initiatives such as The Zag Student Learning and Living Task Force or in reengineering the Division of Student Development to focus on three areas: Student Engagement, Well-being and Healthy Living, and External Relations and Assessment. Diversity work never ends, but, it begins with providing a safe learning and living environment for self-exploration and interaction with “others” who bring their lived experience, as well as a different perspective, personality, and background to the table. My name is Judi Biggs Garbuio and I feel truly blessed to serve as the Vice President for Student Development. All of my educational background revolves around education: elementary/special education (bachelors); higher education administration (masters); and international/intercultural (Ph.D.). I am excited to finally have an opportunity to integrate my passion for working with students and over thirty years of student affairs experience at a variety of institutional 502 e boone ave msc#2466, spokane, wa 99258 These interactions can be formal in a classroom or program or informal such as while students are working on a service project; running a student organization; living together as roommates; planning a program; or just hanging out in Crosby and the soon to be opened University Center. Hopefully through these interactions the students feel comfortable asking questions of each other and learning more about each individual’s personal story. The intent from these four years of ZAG interactions will be for the individual to reflect on each experience while clarifying their own values and passion so they can then ultimately go forth and be people for and with others and set the world on fire. (509) 313-5836

UMEC February 2014 Newsletter

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