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RESIDENT EVIL 6 ADVANCED CONTROL GUIDE ...It might be handy if you, the future Master of Advanced Controls, take it with you! Resident Evil 6 game becomes a drastically different experience once you indulge yourself into the beautiful mechanics of Advanced Controls. Unfortunately, Capcom didn’t want you to know about them from the start -- or ever -- so if you do not discover them by chance, there is very high probability you will never know about their existence. This comprehensive guide will teach you about the magical world of the Resident Evil 6 Advanced Controls allowing you to play the game in proper way. For comprehensive overview of basic controls you can consult handy Official Web Manual here on the official Resident Evil 6 webpage. Also, here you can download the official basic game-manual PDF (not included in EU release of the game). Enjoy the game. NOTICE: This Guide is based on PlayStation™3 button-layout. Xbox™360 users please follow this simple conversion-map: Square = X Circle = B X (Action Button) = A R1 = Right Trigger R2 = Right Bumper This Advanced Controls Guide is brought to you by NeiteIo with desgin help of amar from NeoGAF forums. Thanks to all members who helped with playing and finding all these controls.

Resident Evil 6 Advanced Controls Guide

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