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GENE THERAPY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: FROM BASIC MECHANISMS TO CLINICAL APPLICATIONS  Volume 2. August 7, 1998 536 pages, color figures Page Table of contents 1 Donald S. Anson (1998) Gene therapy for the mucopolysaccharidoses (review). Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 1-13. 14 Joseph R. Kelley and David J. Cole (1998) Gene therapy strategies utilizing carcinoembryonic antigen as a tumor associated antigen for vaccination against solid malignancies. Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 14-30. 31 William R. Robinson, Jan Adams, April O'Quinn, and Scott M. Freeman (1998) Vaccine therapy for ovarian cancer using Herpes Simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV-TK) suicide gene transfer technique: a phase I trial. Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 31-40. 41 Thomas A. Gardner, Song-Chu Ko, Chinghai Kao, Toshiro Shirakawa, Jun Cheon, Akinobu Gotoh, Tony T. Wu, Robert A. Sikes, Haiyen E. Zhau, Quajun Cui, Gary Balian and Leland W. K. Chung (1998) Exploiting stromal-epithelial interaction for model development and new strategies of gene therapy for prostate cancer and osteosarcoma metastases (review). Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 41-58. 59 Dexi Liu and Young K. Song (1998) Cationic liposome-mediated transfection in vivo (review). Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 59-68. 69 Jun Ohkawa, Noriko Yuyama, Shiori Koseki, Yutaka Takebe, Matthias Homann, Georg Sczakiel and Kazunari Taira (1998) The ability of tRNA-embedded ribozymes to prevent replication of HIV-1 in cell culture. Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 69-82. 83 Masaki Warashina, Tomoko Kuwabara, Yuka Nakamatsu, Masayuki Sano, Atsushi Shibata, Hideki Shizuku, Hideyuki Takeda, Ryuji Utsunomiya, Jing-Min Zhou, Tadafumi Uchimaru, Jun Ohkawa and Kazunari Taira (1998) Ribozyme-catalyzed trimming reactions and the direct role of Mg2+ ions in the cleavage of RNA. Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 83-94. 95 David S. Latchman (1998) Regulation of neuronal differentiation and apoptosis by Brn-3 POU family transcription factors: -potential use in gene therapy (review). Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 95-101. 103 Scott A. Crist, Sumathi Krishnan, Seong-Su Han, Aysegul Nalca, and Vivek M. Rangnekar (1998) EGR-1 prevents growth arrest by induction of c-myc. Gene Ther Mol Biol Vol 2, 103-117. 118 Abstracts, biographical sketches and presentations of the invited speakers at the Conference on Transcription/ Replication Factors and Protein Phosphorylation (August 7-14, Crete, Greece) and Gene Therapy (August 16-24, Crete, Greece). Photos of article contributors and speakers of the conferences

Gene Therapy & Molecular Biology Volume 2 Issue A

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