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R E T E U N L O V NEWS OCTOBER 2011 20 100 years of history. Come take part in herstory. Welcome back to school, to routine, and to a new year of Girl Scouts! Whether you are new to Girl Scouting, or you are a seasoned pro, we are so glad to have this opportunity to work along side you for the benefit of our future leaders! 2012 marks the year that Girl Scouts will celebrate our 100th anniversary, and we are so glad that you are a part of this historic adventure. Just think about how far this movement has come in 100 years... and imagine how far it can go in the next 100 This is years! We’re looking forward to truly the the kick off celebration in Texas "Year of at our National Convention in the Girl", November. and Girl We've been giving you updates Scouting throughout this last year in this newsletter regarding national is for program changes including November 8 - 13 every the long-awaited Girl's Guide girl. to Girl Scouting (a complete convention/ age-appropriate binder filled with everything Girl Scout), and the rollout of our third (of three) Journey Series adventures. Our events & activities We've been talking about how these two items book has (Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and Journeys) work been together to complete the Girl Scout Leadership published in Experience. Even though we've been talking hard copy about it for a while, we feel like this conversation and online! is just getting started - because, now, it's Read more implementation time! on pg. 2! If you've missed any of this information, you can download past editions of our newsletter from our website. You can also click informational links on our website outlining the program Scouting Spotlight.........2 changes. There is so much to share, so Events & Activities ........2 many discussions to have, and so many great Gold, Silver, Bronze ...3-5 experiences waiting around the corner! Fall Product......................6 Volunteering/STEM ......7 We're happy to announce that Girl Scouts Girl's Guide/Journeys .... of Greater Iowa has been named as one .............................8-11 of seventeen STEM (Science, Technology, Safety Guidelines ........ 12 Engineering and Math) Advocacy Champions 8/26/11 Girl Scouts Message from our Board Chair and Interim CEO of GI_28286.ind 1:52 PM across the nation. As a STEM Advocacy Champion, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa will build awareness and educate our state on the important issue of increasing girl involvement in STEM fields and look for policy solutions to open the door for STEM opportunities for girls. As you look to build your Girl Scout year, here are our questions for you as we begin this new season in Girl Scouting. Are you considering... • going on a Journey this year? (they can be done in any order and there is a book for each grade level group) • It's Your Planet - Love It! • It's Your World - Change It! • It's Your Story - Tell It! • participation in either or both of our product programs? • allowing your girls and/or troop to have control over what they do during the course of the year (guided/mentored by you)? • Participating in any of the outstanding events and activities outlined in our program book? • gearing up for camp next summer? • making any travel plans? • inviting another volunteer (or three) to join Girl Scouts? • inviting another girl (or three) to join Girl Scouts? d 1 INSIDE: This is truly the "Year of the Girl", and Girl Scouting is for every girl. There are so many flexible ways that girls and adults can be involved. We know that you care about our girls' experience as much as we do and we want you to know that your contribution is extremely appreciated. Welcome to Girl Scouting year 2011-2012. We look forward to serving you. Martha Krone, Board Chair Donna Logan, Interim CEO

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