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^ t c e conn ^ world r u o y to October 2011 Which Pathways are right for you? CAMP: Want to learn more about nature and environment? Hike? Bike? Canoe? You can choose to camp by day or overnight all year and - Summer Camp 2012 will be here before you know it! SERIES: Love dance? Chess? The environment? Lots of other girls do too. Explore your interests together in a way that fits your schedule. EVENTS: Have more than one passion? Maybe horses. And Web design. And photography. You can attend events centered on activities that interest you most. Girl Scouts of GI_28286.indd 1 8/26/11 1:52 PM It is the Year of the Girl. The choice is yours. Become who you want to be. Girl Scouts. TRAVEL: Pack your bags. Girl Scouts are going places. Whether it’s a trip across town or around the world, the adventure will stay with you forever. Read about an awesome trip to Savannah on pg. 2! TROOP: Meet regularly with other girls and share amazing experiences. Make a difference in your community. And the world. And have lots of fun! JULIETTE: Juliettes are busy, independent, self-confident girls who want to be a part of something outstanding - and who registers individually with our council. You should have received an Events and Activities book in your mailbox. If not, let us know ( Otherwise, go to our website ( and download all the opportunities - then register online! like us - follow us - view us - friend us Inside: Savannah Trip .......................................2 Gold Award Recipients ..................... 3 Product Program ................................ 4 Leadership Experience Guide .... 5-7 Girls Speak Out! Contest.................. 8 Are you looking for some new fashion ideas, or ways to make your budget stretch further? Girl Scouts of the USA has some great information and activities for you! Here’s a sample of what’s on the Girl Scouts of the USA site: Enjoy Some Activities: Spruce up your wardrobe for back to school, with minimal environmental impact by: • Holding a clothing swap • Shopping thrift or vintage • Repurposing current items • Challenging yourself (make your current look new and different) Take a Quiz: Find out how Green your wardrobe choices are. Watch Some Videos: See our Storytellers series on women achievers, and find out what girls are doing at camp this year! Go to this link to find out more:

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