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t c e conn ^ ^ world r u o y to March 2012 GRADUATING SENIORS All graduates will be recognized in the next issue of the Connect newsletter. Please submit the following information, as well as a picture* to! Information must be received by April 30, 2012. This is what we’d like to know: • Name • Address, City, State & Zip • Phone Number, Email, way to contact you • High School • Years in Girl Scouting and Troop # • Most Memorable Experience in Girl Scouting • Plans for the future ( job, college, major...) • Did you earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award? If so, what was/were your project(s)? Answer these questions and email your information and picture* to or mail your information with picture* to: Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa ATTN: Connect Newsletter 1515 Zenith Drive Sioux City, IA 51103 *All pictures become the property of the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. Digital pictures preferred. Summer Camp 2012 I’ve been selling cookies for six years in Girl Scouts. The first year, me and my mom were worried I wouldn’t be able to sell 200 boxes and we were shocked by how many I was capable of selling! Selling is fun to just see how many you can sell, my goal this year is around 750 boxes. I think cookie time is probably my favorite time of year next to Girl Scout Camp. My favorite camp is Camp Tanglefoot, this is because of the counselors, high ropes course, and new friends I meet every year. My all-time favorite counselor is Kate O’Donnell. She is in charge of the high ropes course. She helped me when I was down or got hurt on the ropes course. I also enjoy playing Gaga in the Gaga Pit. The waterfront is an amazing place to spend time with your new friends you’ve met at camp. Sometimes I even see a girl I went to camp with a couple years ago. I have been to all the camps that are still up and running. Tanglefoot is also my favorite because you actually are camping. Julia Cira makes camp so much fun! She always joins in the fun and has a good time, she makes it seem like she’s not working when we know she is working really hard to keep everyone happy and safe. I have been going to camp since I started Girl Scouts. The food is amazing at camp. I am a super picky eater but at camp it seems whatever they put on my plate makes my mouth water. Camp is a fun place to go to. It helps you get away from the world and just have fun. That is why I love camp, selling cookies, and most of all being a Girl Scout. Maycie Stanbro, Oskaloosa, IA, Girl Scout Cadette Inside: Travel / Events ......................................2 Social Networking Info .......................2 iPad Challenge ......................................2 Girl Story Highlights: Bruner............ 3 The Right Amount of Exercise ........ 4 Summer Camp Registration is open! Register today

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