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WINTER 2013 M O V I N G T O W A R D A W O R L D F R EGREATER E O F MDELAWARE S VALLEY CHAPTER MSCONNECTION NEWSLETTER Volume 3 • Issue 3 All America Chapter September is Great Basin Sierra Event Month! O Volunteers Needed For Local Event! ur annual Bike MS event is approaching! This is an amazing weekend in Tahoe spent with some pretty amazing athletes. Our cyclists will ride the distance around Lake Tahoe on Saturday, September 13, and will ride through Truckee and up Donner Pass on Sunday, September 14. This year also marks our very first mountain bike course for all those cyclists that prefer mountain to road. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: This is not an easy weekend for the cyclists. They will be testing their bodies and minds for one specific reason—to find a cure for MS. It is always amazing to hear the stories of these athletes and to find out why they push themselves to their ultimate limits. Even you’re the cost of heating and Some ride for loved onesif that battlerenting, with multiple sclerosis on a daily basis, some ride lighting the home can strain your resources; they were 38%because of seniors report that they have trouble a part of a team and covering their housing costs. had so much fun. They keep coming back. Also, there For low-income seniors, there are programs are some cyclists to help both energy costs and repairs. that with ride because A good to start is your neighborhood theyplace have multiple sclerosis. They ride Agency (ECA) office. Energy Coordinating because it is their ECAway hasof15 Neighborhood Energy Centers fighting (NEC) in senior centers, community and located proving their independence from development corporations and other the disease and what it brings. community organizations. To find one near you,ride callfor215-988-0929. New Jersey residents While all these cyclists different reasons, they all need of for a list of resources. turnthetosupport page 17 those they are riding for. This year, we are asking any person living with multiple counselors at each NEC can help sclerosis to join us Trained at Northstar-at-Tahoe KEEPING YOUR HOME SAFE AND WARM DURING WINTER find, determine your eligibility, and apply CONTINUED ON PG 2 for resources including LIHEAP, emergency oil grants, bill payment assistance and weatherization assistance. They can help prevent utility emergencies through budget By Linda L. Riley, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging counseling, payment plans and intake for conservation and home repair programs. More than 75% of local residents age 60+ own Many of the NECs perform intake for the their homes. If you are one of those senior Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF), homeowners, challenges you Great Basin News:you 1-2 know theLiving With MS: 5-7 Ways to Give: 10 face maintaining the heater, roof 8and other whichBasin helps when a shut-off notice has been NewlyinDiagnosed: 3 Research: Great News: 11-12 1 800 344 News:parts 4 Moneymay Matters: 9 TOLL vital of the property which be as old FREE NUMBER received for 4867 non-payment of gas, electric as you – or older. and water bills. The maximum UESF INSIDE 07 THIS ISSUE 08 19 CHAPTER MEET OUR MS WELCOMES VOLUNTEER AWARENESS NEW TRUSTEES HALL OF FAME WEEK INDUCTEES CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 26 FACE OF MS: MARIE KANE

MS Connection 2013 Issue 1

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