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MSConnection Spring 2013 Greater Delaware Valley Chapter Newsletter New oral therapy available And Then There Were 10 Earlier this spring, the Food and Drug Administration approved Tecfidera™ capsules (dimethyl fumarate) as a first-line disease-modifying therapy for people with relapsing forms of MS. This makes the third oral therapy approved for relapsing MS in just three years, and the tenth disease-modifying treatment available in the U.S. Tecfidera, which is taken twice a day, is thought to inhibit immune cells and molecules, and may have anti-oxidant properties that could be protective against damage to the brain and spinal cord Twicedaily Tecfidera was shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce relapses and CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 INSIDE 10 THIS ISSUE But You Look So Good — Latoya Ross 11 16 22 26 Fired for having MS: Jane Gagliardo’s story MS is not who I am — Igor St. Phard Face of MS: Kathryn PannepacKer Connection GrouP — Getting You Connected

MSConnection 2013 Issue 2

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