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SUMMER 2014 Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania & South Jersey MSConnection Newsletter Pediatric MS: Peanut’s Story What are the chances that a 12-year-old would have MS? were That’s the question physicians and family members of Khalidah Harris MS asking after she suddenly became extremely ill. The overriding belief that ed only strikes people after the age of 20 is why, despite symptoms that includ dah problems with vision, hearing, and motor skills, doctors insisted that Khali must have the flu. 2011, However, her loved ones knew it had to be something more. In January ed an they took Khalidah to AI DuPont Children’s Hospital where they receiv l officia l diagnosis of MS. “Peanut,” as she is better known, spent the next severa speak, months in the hospital, mother at her side, as she relearned how to eat, hear and use her hands. duals While rare, Khalidah’s story is not unique. Up to 5 percent of all indivi diagnosed with MS experience disease onset before age 16. CONti nued on Page 8 INSIDE 08 16 THIS ISSUE Learn to be Fall Free Local Students receive society Scholarships 20 24 30 Upcoming MS Service Day Managing Symptoms on the Job Face of MS: LuzSelenia Loeb

MSConnection Newsletter - Summer 2014

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