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Picture tubes manual (for Corel 速 Paint Shop Pro 速) Introduction This is a manual / document explaining the use of the Paint Shop Pro picture tubes (psp tubes, psp picture tubes, tube brushes), how to install them and much more. Corel and Paint Shop Pro are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation Andrew Installation Of picture tubes Installation The tubes may be delivered by different means: CD or zip file. Download: please extract from the zip file (use supplied serial reference if required) and place the tubes in the required installation folder. You may require a tool to expand the files such as PKUnzip or Stuffit Expander CD: Please select all the tube files on the CD and place on your hard disk in the required installation tubes folder You may not wish to add all the tubes to PSP in one go, but use as required. If so, please place the tubes files in a folder such as c:\picture tubes and then copy to the tubes folder as required. Likewise with the brushes, you might prefer to keep them in a separate folder and only load them as required. Installation folder for Picture tubes PSP 7: Please place the tubes files in the c:\program files\...\Paint Shop Pro 7\tubes folder. If the tubes are marked as a PSP file they will not work in PSP 7, they need to be set to .TUB file type (manually). Depending on the set, the tubes files may already be "TUB" format and not psptube. Not included in all the sets from PSP 8: Please place the tubes in c:\my documents and settings\...\my documents\my psp8 files\picture tubes OR in the Picture tubes folder of Paint Shop Pro 速 8 PSP 9: Please place the tubes in the c:\program files\....\paint shop pro 9\picture tubes folder

Picture tubes for Paint Shop Pro (R) Manual

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