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    Approved  Coal  Plants  in  the  last  two  years:         Company   Generating  Facility     1   TRANS  ASIA   Coal-­‐Fired   SMI  Power  Corp.  (Sagittarius   2   Coal-­‐Fired   Mines  Inc.)   Masinloc  Power  Partners  Co.   3   Coal-­‐Fired   Ltd.   San  Ramon  Power  Inc.  (a   4   Coal-­‐Fired   subsidiary  of  Alcantara  Group)   5   GNPower  Mariveles  Coal  Plant   Ltd.  Co  (already  built  –  test  run   on  July  29)   Coal-­‐Fired     Classification   MW   NOTE:   • Committed  power  projects  are  those  which  have  complied  with  the   necessary  permits  and  clearances  of  various  agencies  and  concerned   local  government  and  in  the  p rocess  of  financial  closing   • Indicative    power  projects  are  those  which  are  at  different  stages  of   project  developments  prior  to  financial  closing     Location   new   135   Calaca,  Batangas   new   500   Malag,  Davao  Del  Sur   expansion   600   Masinloc,  Zambales   new   100   new   San  Ramon,   Zamboanga  City   600   Mariveles,  Bataan   Affected  Livelihood(s)   Status   Indicative   Indicative   To  affect  the  fishing  industry   To  affect  marine  ecosystem   Indicative     Indicative   To  affect  the  agricultural  and  fishing   industries   While  the  facility  was  being  built,  fish   catch  has  dwindled  and  damaged   corals  (from  steel  that  accidentally  fell   in  the  sea  while  port  was  being  built);     Committed   *For  test  run  

Philippine Coal Plant List

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