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GOUCHER COLLEGE VOL. 29, NO. 2 | FALL 2013 a student publication of the goucher college dance department A Dance Brought Back to Life By Sydney Burrows ’17 (above) Rehearsal for Rick Southerland’s piece The Writing on Mother’s Hand (photo credit: Cuong Nguyen ’14) As time continues, ideas and knowledge are passed from one human being to another. The essence of the idea stays intact, but with each transition, details are altered to reflect the time and the person who holds the current knowledge. This fall, Assistant Professor of Dance Rick Southerland has been re-setting a piece of choreography to express this concept of passing of time and ideas. He sees the body as a container for a person’s essence and soul, and when one cannot contain the soul or idea any longer, he or she passes it onto another person. Southerland’s choreography was originally his undergraduate thesis, completed in 1994. It was first performed at East Carolina University and has been performed many times since then with various dancers. A new group of students will present this piece in the Repertory Dance Ensemble Fall Concert, bringing with them a fresh look at an idea of the past. Rick keeps re-setting this piece because he feels that it is a representation of his technical foundation, which involved the teachings of Gerri Houlihan, Mark Taylor, and Betty Jones. The movement comes to life with intricate, contemporary group movement and a mesmerizing solo and duet. It begins with most of the dancers interconnected and two individuals separate from the rest. This theme of contact in a group along with separate A Dance Brought Back to Life continued on p. 3 1

Dance Newsletter Vol. 29, No. 2 | Fall 2013

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