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X X Y Z Program Plan Approval Facility Design Approval Construction Phase (Full amount of funding must be identified in this step.) X Y Selection of A/E Firm/ Work Toward Program Plan Submittal Development Phase (Fund-raising) Preliminary Facility Statement Approval Energy Resources Center Surbeck Addition East Quad Renovation (Phased) Old Gym/Music Center Mineral Industries Renovation (Phased) Innovation Center Loop Road Wellness Center Private Sector Dorm X Z Calendar is based on the typical BOR meeting schedule. Y Y GOAL 3: CAPITAL PROJECTS Z Z 12 Phased 18-24 24-Phased 9 CBEC Southside Renovation Surbeck Addition Phased 24-Phased Mineral Industries Renovation 6 9-12 6 Student Innovation Center Music Center 30-36 9-15 Z Energy Resources Center Y Construction X Z Design/Engineering Y Estimated Time Frames (Months) X

Mines Strategic Plan

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