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2010 NEW PRODUCTS BY HENR IK STENSON 2009 PL AY ERS CH A MPION IT’S ALL IN THE RELEASE If your driving suffers from a weak fading ball flight, here are some drills to help. WORDS BY PETER MASTERS PHOTOGRAPHY BY HOWARD BOYLAN If I have a bad shot with the driver, it’s usually connected to a problem with the release. I’ll get ahead of the shot and then won’t be in the right position to square the clubface: the result is a weak shot to the right. Let me show you what I’ve worked on to cure that fault, and what you can do to combat a weak fade. Stay behind a good release comes from staying just behind the ball at impact and working the left shoulder up, rather than inside and away from the ball -to-target line.

TIPS SPECIAL: It's all in the release with Henrik Stenson

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