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YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Raider Aider $125 True Blue $250 Blue White $500 Loyal Raider $750 Blue Blue A.D. Blue Raider Sapphire Circle Diamond $1,250 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000 10% Discount on all Lightning’s Locker Room purchases Membership card BRAA license plate Football game Program recognition * Game Day Parking Permit Invitations to BRAA Events **Priority to purchase chairback baseball seats (rows 6-up) Donor Appreciation events (Basketball) Reservations to Appreciation Dinner ** Priority to purchase 2 Chairback seats (Football) **Priority to purchase chairback baseball seats (rows 1-4) ** Priority to purchase 2 Basketball seats (rows 5-10) Blue and White pre-game tailgate meal Advertise in BRAA Business Directory ** Priority to purchase 2 Basketball seats (rows 1-4) Reduced Rate for MTSU Rec Center Membership 20% Discount on all Lightning’s Locker Room purchases Reception with Head Coaches Blue Sapphire Room Halftime Receptions (Basketball) IT’S EASY! Name listed on the BRAA donor wall in the Murphy Center JOIN ONLINE @ or use the order form in this brochure. ** Priority to purchase 2 seats in Jeff Hendrix Stadium Club ** Priority on purchasing Courtside Floor seats (Basketball) Priority Parking-Football (Midgett Lot & Smith Lot) ** Priority to purchase 4 seats in Jeff Hendrix Stadium Club Valet Parking service (Basketball) to: Complete and mail Association Raider Athletic Annual Recognition Award ** Special Reserved Personalized parking space (Football) (Checks payable EXPIRATION DATE: to BRAA) NUMBER HERE PLACE CREDIT CARD ** Two Courtside Floor seats (Basketball) Team Travel (Football) * Parking permit-Lot is determined based on giving level ** Based on BRAA Priority Point System, Gift in kind not included t t ** Priority to purchase 8 seats in Jeff Hendrix Stadium Club GRAY AREA FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Blue CIATION MTSU Box 576 TN 37132 ATHLETIC ASSO PRINT Murfreeesboro, SE BLUE RAIDER CHOOSE CARD – PLEA MEMBERSHIP ____ YOUR __________________ MEMBERSHIP __________________ __________________ __________ ______ LEVEL AND ______ ______ Name: ____________ MAKE THE __________________ ______ _____ ______ ______ MOVE reference) ______ Attn: ____________ Shirt size: (For future US. ____ WITH ______ ______ ______ __________________ Email: ____________ __________________ _______ Address: ____________ Zip: ____________ Preferred Mailing _ State:_____________ __________________ _____________ ______ City: ____________ ______ : Business Phone atching __________________ tion ____GIK ____M Home Phone: ______ ployee Payroll Deduc ____Bank Draft ____Em ed ____Credit Card (Include voided check) SEC. CODE #: ____Check enclos • • • • DATE RECEIVED MAILED 00 & up Blue Diamond ...$10,0 - 9,999 A.D. Circle ........ $5,000 - 4,999 Blue Sapphire.. $2,500 $1,250-2,499 Blue Raider ........ 50 - 1249 Loyal Raider .........$7 ..$500 - 749 Blue White ............ ....$250 - 499 True Blue ............ 125 - 249 Raider Aider ...........$ New Member Renewal TEER FUND DRIVE VOLUN ______________ NAME: ____________ ______________ TEAM: ____________ SIGNATURE: any goods or service NAME AS IT over the value of be the amount contributed institution of higher education shall APPEARS ON to the excess of of an whether these tax purposes is limited amount paid to or for the benefit CARD: advisor as to determine for federal income Consult your tax that 80% of an n that is tax deducible at the institution. the IRC provides amount of a contributio of any such items. In addition, an athletic stadium Code (IRC), the athletic event in to the value for seating at an Internal Revenue t will notify you as purchase tickets privisions of the The Athletic Departmen the donor receives the right to Under applicable to your BRAA donation. by the University. payment, all benefits applicable provided to the donor contribution if, as a result of the waive, in writing must you gift your charitable treated as a deduct 100% of to you, in order to provisions apply GIFT AMOUNT: MAKE THE MOVE WITH US!

2013 BRAA Membership Benefits

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