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Beltone Origin 3 - 2 - 1 Fitting ranges Frequency (Hz) db (HL) Model OR145 OR145P OR245 OR245D OR245DP OR345 OR345D OR345DP Power mode: Normal Power mode: Power Product Description Where Clients Begin Hearing At the core of Beltone Origin is the same processing chip that’s the foundation of the great sound quality in our most advanced products. It’s powerful and fast, with a wide dynamic range. The output is clean and quiet without annoying artifacts. With Beltone Origin, clients get superior sound quality in a value-oriented package that’s easy to fit and easy to use. Beltone Origin Custom Models Part of the Beltone legacy is finely crafted custom products made by skilled professionals. Each instrument is molded specifically to fit your clients’ ears for a comfortable and truly customized hearing experience. . Product Features • Advanced feedback cancellation • HPF80 NanoBlock protection • Rapid Curvilinear Compressor • Directionality (45D, 45DP) • Auto-Phone • Datalogging • Musical Audio Alerts • Up to 2 Programs (plus the option to have DAI and TC) • Size 13 battery • ON/OFF through battery door Options • Available in multiple colors • Retrieval line • Available in Half Shell (HS) and Full Shell (FS) • Push button Fitting Software • SOLUS Pro fitting software version 1.3 or higher • Speedlink, HI-Pro, or NOAHlink programming interfaces • CS63 Flex strip programming cable (with a fresh battery) Worldwide headquarters Beltone A/S Lautrupbjerg 7 DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark Tel.: +45 45 75 11 11 Fax: +45 45 75 11 19

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