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El Globoscopio presents: A Conversation with Harvey Pekar In 2007, Mario and I went to Providence to see Harvey Pekar. He was lecturing at Brown University and since Worcester is only 40 minutes away, we just couldn’t miss it. What can I talk about? I can tell you about my life... although if you are here it means you’ve read some of my comics or seen the movie, so you already know what I’m going to say. Writer: Pablo Guerra Artist: Camilo Sánchez Mario was curious to hear a legendary alternative comics writer speak about his creative process in “American Splendor”. I was about to meet my biggest influence. It’s a simple story: I’ve lived in Cleveland all my life y I’ve selfpublished a ton of autobiographical comics. I’ve worked with the great Robert Crumb, Spain Rodríguez, Gary Dumm, Dean Haspiel, Josh Neufeld, Joe Sacco, Greg Budget... ... and I can’t forget Frank Stack. Joyce and I did “Our Cancer Year” with him. I‘m here because I worked in putting together a Graphic History of SDS in the sixties. It’s a new way of using comics to retell the past. He’s exactly what you’d expect: a shy, ansious and brilliant guy. He looks like all his portraits at the same time. Spooky. Text in italics origanally in Spanish.

A Conversation with Harvey Pekar

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