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16C MITCHELL COUNTY PRESS-NEWS, Osage, IA, Wed., March 14, 2012 MCRHC improves patient privacy and comfort with remodeling project Mitchell County Regional Health Center’s Emergency and Surgery Departments are getting a much needed facelift starting this month with completion expected approximately one year from now. Chief Financial Officer, Alan Streeter, said, “with technology changing at record speed and the atmosphere of healthcare constantly morphing, MCRHC must also change for future improvement and growth.” According to Streeter, the renovation project will modernize these areas while focusing on improving patient privacy and comfort. The surgery area will feature four same-day recovery areas separated by walls and sliding glass doors. In addition, a family waiting area near the surgery suite is included in the remodel plan. Since 1951, changes have occurred to MCRHC clinic The current emergency room at MCRHC will soon undergo remodeling, which is expected to be completed by next year. areas, physical therapy, the medical surgical floor and others; however, the Emergency and Operating rooms have been left largely untouched since their construction in 1973. The redesigned Emergency Department will provide features to improve patient flow. Renovations include changes to the entrance from the ambulance bay, the waiting room, patient rooms as well as adding a nurses station. Also included in the improvements, are upgrades to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as a new approach to the ambulance bay. In addition to the improvement in the patient experience, the renovations would also result in improved energy efficiency for the health center, Streeter said. According to Streeter, the size of the current boilers could be compared to the size of two ambulances parked in the boiler room. After upgraded, the boilers will be comparable to the size of about half an ambulance. “With the existing boilers, we spend approximately $50,000 each year on heating, after the upgrade to the more efficient system, our heating expenses should be cut by about onethird depending upon weather conditions,” Streeter said. Streeter said patient care, privacy and comfort will remain the top priority through the life of the construction project. “The Emergency and Surgery Departments will remain fully functional throughout the renovation process,” Streeter said, “Although patients may find changes in their surroundings at times, MCRHC staff will be communicating necessary information with patients on a regular basis.” OSAGE TODAY 2012 SPRING PROGRESS EDITION is MS-72686 Being Able to Take Care of You and Your Family Right Here at Home... ...Even Better! 616 N. 8th St Osage, IA 50461 641-732-6000 SECTION C An artist’s rendering of the future $146 million Valent BioSciences facility in Osage. A groundbreaking for the project is slated for Friday, March 16 at 1 p.m. SEE STORY ON PAGE 3A VOL. 147 • NO. 11 • March 14, 2012

Osage Today 2012 Spring Progress Edition

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