Issuu on Google+ From the President’s desk... We are so proud to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been two decades of “Conservation At Work!” Fall is such an exciting time around Global Wildlife. The animals are extremely active and energetic as they enjoy the cooler weather. The birth of our baby giraffe, Billy was an exciting and wondrous event. If you haven’t been out to see him yet, be sure to come soon…he’s growing fast. We are working very hard on the second phase of our renovations here at the Center. We have just completed our new decking around the fish pond at the center, and our new Tortoises habitat was an instant favorite among our visitors. Thank you to Wainwright Construction for helping us achieve our goals throughout this renovation process. Global Wildlife Center will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so that the staff may enjoy the holiday season with their families. Please allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of you, and your families, the most blessed, safe, and happiest of holiday seasons. A very special thanks goes out to all of our members who continually support the Global Wildlife Foundation. With Kindest Regards, Fall 2011 Global Wildlife Foundation Publication African Sulcata Tortoise Habitat: and Aldabra tortoises are the giant ones that you typically see in the zoos that get bigger Status: Common then the SulcaApproximate ta. Sulcata TorSize: toises also grow Can easily reach 18’ in shell very quickly, as length; 70-100 a desert species, lbs. in weight they have Food: evolved to deal Steady diet of fruit and vegetawith sparse and bles, grass hay, sporadic food grasses and plants supplies. It is very difficult to Fun Fact: Our newest members of the GWC Family are our African Sulcata Tortoises. A family of 4 were Most African Suldetermine the donated to the Center by Dr. Landry and Dr. cata Tortoises will sex of a Sulcata out live us all! AvTortoise. Tortoises instinctively pull erage lifespan is around 100 years. into their shells whenever they feel threatened. The action of pulling in its Other Information head and front legs compresses the Sulcata Tortoises are native to the semitortoise’s lungs, which causes them to exhale suddenly, and you will hear arid Sahel Region in Africa. It can be them making a hissing sound. That loosely defined as the Region just south does not necessarily mean that the of the Sahara Desert. They have evolved tortoise is angry or upset; it’s just to deal with a warm and dry environment following its instinct for selfwith lots of natural sunlight. Sulcata Torpreservation. Thank you Dr. Landry toises are the third largest species of torand Dr. Schultis our visitors have toises in the world—only the Galapagos enjoyed interacting with our newest family members at GWC! Sahel Region in Africa INSIDE THIS ISSUE ▪ Animal Facts… bet you didn’t know and check out our newborns! ▪ Member Events… Beach Party and Fall Festival! ▪ Book Your Next Private Event... Ask about our Pinz Tours!

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