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AVOID FOCUSING ATTENTION ON THE GAY BAR IN SOCHI • The Mayak Caberet has attracted attention for being a gay bar in Sochi. There have • According to the American Psychological been media visits and tours, ostensibly Association, “Heterosexual and gay men are to demonstrate that LGBT people are not equally likely to sexually abuse children. A persecuted. However, according to the Daily perception that most perpetrators are gay Mail, the Mayak Caberet is actually one of men is a myth and harmful stereotype.” the last gay bars in the Sochi area. • Professor of Psychology at the University of • Elsewhere in the country, LGBT groups California at Davis, Gregory Herek, writes and gatherings have not fared as well. On “The empirical research does not show that November 16, gunmen opened fire on the gay or bisexual men are any more likely Central Station, a gay club in Moscow. than heterosexual men to molest children.” He also notes “This well known lack of a linkage between homosexuality and child molestation accounts for why relatively little research has directly addressed the issue […] Proving something that is already widely known simply isn’t a priority for scientists.” • Private gatherings of LGBT people, including an HIV support group and the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival, have come under attack. Russian authorities are not investigating or prosecuting those who committed the attacks. • Reporters would do well to ask about the fate of other LGBT bars in Sochi, outside of Mayak Caberet, as well as what patterns of patronage have occurred, and what LGBT advocacy groups are available locally. GLAAD’S SOCHI OLYMPICS PLAYBOOK GLAAD.ORG/RUSSIA | 12

Sochi Olympics Playbook

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