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How to Register a NEW Girl Member Follow these steps when registering a Girl who is NEW to Girl Scouts. Please begin by going to this address: Step 1: When registering a Girl who is NEW to Girl Scouts of Colorado, start by clicking the “New Online Account” button on the right side of the Girl Scout Registration Webpage. If you plan on being a part of your Daughter’s Scouting Experience, please refer to our “How to Register a NEW Adult Member” Walkthrough, first! Even if you do not wish to purchase a Girl Scouts Membership for yourself at this time, you will still be able to manage your Girl Scout Family through your own profile! Step 2: Noting the required fields, please fill out the personal information for the Girl’s Primary Guardian. Any Scout under the age of 18 must be managed through the profile of an Adult Guardian. Click “Continue” when completed.

How to register a NEW girl member

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