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TRUSTEESHIP, WISDOM, AND THE CREATIVE FUTURE OF EDUCATION? PROFESSOR ANNA CRAFT UNIVERSITY OF EXETER AND THE OPEN UNIVERSITY KEYWORDS Creativity In Education, Marketisation, Performativity, Creative Trusteeship, Creative Wisdom ABSTRACT What role does, and should, creativity play in education? What role can and should creativity play in designing th the school of the future? This article explores the ascendance of creativity in education in the late 20 and early st 21 century, exploring tensions in policy developments which both ‘universalise’ creativity and yet appear also to ‘particularise’ it within a specific set of social, economic and cultural arrangements and values. Arguing that the marketisation of creativity in particular is ultimately disastrous at personal, local, national and international levels, the case is advanced for an umbilical connection between creativity and education futures, in ways that highlight the role of wisdom, and creative trusteeship. UNESCO OBSERVATORY, FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND PLANNING, THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE REFEREED E-JOURNAL

Trusteeship, Wisdom and the Creative Future of Education

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