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วารสารสมาคมธรณีวิทยาแหงประเทศไทย JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF THAILAND 2010 - 2011 ISSN 1513 2587 volume 1 1. Provenance of a Black Sand Deposit in Laem Ngob District, Trat Province, Eastern Thailand_________________________________________________________________________1 2. Understanding of Sulfate-Formation Related Sinkhole Occurrence from an Integrated Geoscientific Study______________________________________________________________7 3. Thailand Earthquake Risk : Geological and Tectonic Model ____________________________15 4. Palaeobiogeographic Analysis of the Early to Middle Jurassic (Toarcian-Aalenian) Bivalves of Western Thailand____________________________________________________22 5. The Late Cimmerian Event in Western Thailand and Central Lao PDR _________________25 6. Application of Rare Event Logistic Regression Model to Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: A Case-Study in the Kitchakut Mountain, Chanthaburi, Thailand_______________30 Co-editors Angsumalin Puntho Niran Chaimanee Editor Sommai Techawan ม ะ I OG CA L HA IL GEOL AND ไทย สมาค ยาแหงปร เทศ ณวี ทิ ธร SOCIETY OG T สมาคมธรณีวิทยาแหงประเทศไทย GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF THAILAND 12 / 14 1st floor, D1 Building, Lumpini Condo Town Ramintra-Laksi, Bang Khen, Bangkok, 10220, THAILAND

GST Journal 2010-2011 V.1

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