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GEMS TRAINING: As part of our mission to transform the policies and perceptions that impact sexually exploited youth, GEMS provides training and technical assistance to agencies throughout the United States that serve and/or seek to serve victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. GEMS offers comprehensive training for victim service providers, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, mental health practitioners, and other allied professionals in order to increase their understanding of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). Using the highly rated Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Community Intervention Project (CCIP) training curriculum, GEMS examines: • • • • • • • • • • Introduction to CSEC & DMST Risk factors for sexual exploitation Unpacking “choice” Demand Recruitment strategies used by exploiters Psychological & physical impact of trauma & exploitation Pimp-controlled CSEC & trauma bonding Subculture of CSEC Roles & responsibilities of professionals at intervention points Barriers to intervention with sexually exploited youth GEMS utilizes specialized training modules to address the unique needs of service providers, medical professionals, law enforcement and legal/judicial professionals. Topics include: • • • • • • • • Best practices in programming & prevention Counseling techniques for commercially sexually exploited youth Conducting assessment and intake with CSEC victims Criminal behaviors and market forces: supply, demand, motivation Federal & local laws Best practices in investigation & defense Appropriate interviewing for victims and perpetrators Models for court-based interventions TRAINING STRUCTURE: GEMS’ trainings range from 2-3 hour targeted presentations to multi-day train-the-trainer programs that give training participants the information, tools and resources they need to serve as trainers within their own agencies. GEMS works closely with recipient agencies to identify a training structure and tailor curriculum materials to meet the specific goals of the host agency. In addition, GEMS will develop a training schedule that ensures that information is delivered within a timeframe that works for the host agency.

GEMS Training Overview

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