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Some Ideas to Perform PowerPoint on Iconia W700 While you can find a range of Windows RT tablet computers available in the marketplace, none of them have the ability to be as powerful as Android tablet computers just like Nexus 7 tablet. Therefore, it happens to be Windows 8 Pro devices that carry lofty objectives to popularize Windows 8 system in tablet device sector. Microsoft Surface Pro is simply the most eye-attracting Windows 8 Pro product, but it really is not the very first one. Believe it or not, Acer has spoke out the magic power of Windows 8 Pro with the help of Acer Iconia W700. Although Acer Iconia W700 is marketed for 900 bucks, the cost is actually acceptable enough for a Windows 8 Pro powered product getting 11.6-inch IPS screen with screen resolution of 1080p, dual-core i5 processer and also high-pixel rear digicam. Additionally, along with built-in 4G RAM and 128GB disk, Acer Iconia W700happens to be a gaming powerhouse; using excellent electric battery and even HDMI port, Iconia W700 turns into an impressive video center. Naturally, Acer Iconia W700 have the ability to not merely be employed like an amusing device, but a working partner. For instance, using the help of Windows 8 Pro, users are allowed to play

Some Ideas to Perform PowerPoint on Iconia W700

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