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F R E E S T U D E N T N E W S PA P E R , V o l . 1 2 I S S U E 2 , 5 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 0 Corrib Village refuses to back down from new payment regime Government considers increasing registration fee to €3,000 By Richard Manton Corrib Village. Pic by Leah Mollica By Méabh McDonnell Corrib Village management is refusing to back down from the new payment regime introduced for the academic year 2010/11. Payment has change from semesterised, two-moiety payments to one lump sum to be paid in August. Students will now be required to pay up to €5,000 (excluding €800 deposit) upfront before they begin their college stay. This change comes at a time when many students are feeling the costs of college living more than ever. Corrib Village management maintains that the new system will remain in place at least for the next two years. Corrib Village General Manager Máire Bríd Ní Ghionnáin told Sin: “We have reviewed the rates and method of payment for the 2011/2012 academic year and there will be no change from the current year.” She highlighted that the reason for the change was the high demand for Corrib Village places and to provide the highest number of places to students who wouldn’t drop out in second semester, “We were unable to facilitate genuine students wishing to reside with us for the academic year due to high demand. After the Christmas break, 26 students dropped out which we felt was unfair to those genuine students. We implemented this policy to avoid a recurrence of that happening this year.” According to Ms Ní Ghionnáin, this has not made a difference to the number of students applying to live in Corrib Village, “We are 100% occupied this year. 100 residents who had initially booked under the 2 moiety system were contacted and advised of the new method of payment. Of these 92 opted to go with the full payment method.” Sources in the Department of Education and Skills have indicated that the government is considering increasing the registration fee to the order of €3,000 in the budget in December. The registration fee, formally known as the Student Services Charge, currently stands at €1,500 and is paid by all undergraduate students who do not receive financial assistance from local authorities. The fee was introduced at €190 following the abolition of third level fees in 1996 to cover the costs of exams, student services and registration. Since then the fee has risen by 780% to €1500. continued on page 2 continued on page 2 How to get from the shift to the ride Like It or Hate It? Page 7 Pages 16-17 Construction Work at NUIG:

Volume 12 Issue 2

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