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Windows 7 Help & Advice magic Word master the basics of microsoft word 2013 pc checkup test your computer and find its faults geotag SNAPS BRING YOUR PHOTOS TO LIFE WITH GLOBAL TAGS Issue 85 AUGUST 2013 Plus essential tips for Windows 8, Vista & XP “Boot your machine in seconds instead of minutes!” – page 16 SPEED UP WINDOWS Your essential guide ■ 30 quick tricks to boost your PC ■ Unlock hidden performance ■ Bring an old machine back to life expert guide upgrade your pc with the best of Windows 8 Try all the great features from the new operating system – without the hassle master your music collection Ten definitive ways to organise, refine and play your entire audio collection for free FREE DISC! do all this and more… • Enhance your email • Try custom icons • Use hot corners Turn to p98 now! New things to do £5.50 Windows tutorials PRINTED IN THE UK over way to a better org your dr anise ive packed with 35 essential apps AUGUST 2013 ISSUE 85 power your f up iles Disc Buying advice Help & support 100% jargon free

Windows 7 Sampler

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