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12 FREE VIDEOS! CANON D-SLR VIDEO GUIDES NEW PHOTOSHOP VIDEO LESSONS September 2012 Issue 65 £4.99 NEW TECHNIQUES! Canon D-SLR photo projects Learn to improve your camera skills with 14 new indoor and outdoor assignments! HANDS-ON PREVIEW! SIX GREAT LENSES FOR LANDSCAPE PHOTOS CANON EOS M Canon’s new Compact System Camera! D-SLR MASTERCLASS 100% CANON CANON PRO TIPS How to shoot wildlife on safari! Photograph all creatures great and small from lions to lizards BUDGET LIGHTS! Take great high-flying airplane shots today! Learn to take your D-SLR and Photoshop skills to new heights! Flashguns for under £200 Brighten up your shots as we test eight flashguns flashguns SEPTEMBER 2012 £4.99

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