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Budget Titan Nvidia geforce GTX 770 the new graphics king issue 281/august 2013 £100 marvels AMD’s Latest chips tested FX-6350 and A10 680 Intel’s last CPU Could Haswell be Intel's final desktop processor? ¤ Core technologies explained ¤ CPUs, mobos and PCs in the labs ¤ New Core i5 and i7 CPUs benched No.1 for Upgrades Zalm free Video editing Give your movies the professional touch, without breaking the bank Image masterclass Create your own server and access your photos anywhere an LQ310 Coo Crucial M500 ler SSD Seagate 600 SSD Logitech G510 s corsair 350D Benchmark primer Ensure your system is running optimally today! August 2013 PRINTED IN THE UK £5.99 (£6.49 Outside UK & ROI)

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