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WATCH & LEARN WITH NIKON SKILLS WITH FREE VIDEO DISC Issue 10 • Summer 2012 £4.99 • LEARN NEW SLR SKILLS Our Apprentice goes to Yorkshire to learn documentary photography ULTIMATE D SLR TIPS GUIDE! NIKON The camera cameramanual manual you wish you’d got gotinin the box! Menu tips RAWoptions Hiddengems p30 + + OLYMPIC CHAMPION? NIKON D4 Sportsandwildlifeprosput Nikon’s fastest-everD-SLR tothe test! p100 NIKOPEDIA CRACKING THE CODE How an SLR processes light into a digital image p76 The worst thing about being a landscape photographer is the summer… My alarm went off at 3am this morning! Jeremy Walker, Landscape Photographer p88 DRESS TO IMPRESS! Could you do with more pockets? Six photographers’ jackets tested p118 SELF PORTRAITS Why one reader can’t stop taking pictures of herself p70 THREE LEGGED RACE! 8tripods dobattle.Who’ll be thelastmanstanding? p104 ISSUE 0710JUNE 2012 2012 £4.99 £4.99 PRINTED PRINTED IN THE ISSUE SUMMER IN THE UK UK

N-Photo Sampler

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