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WHAT’S ON THIS MONTH’S FREE DISC? 30 101 Nikon + Camera skills + Photoshop guides + Nikon software COVER FEATURE Unlock your SLR’s potential with this ultimate guide EXPERT HANDS ON VIDEO GUIDES EIGHT WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY! 08 Test Team Nikon D4 100 Big test 104 114 New gear 117 Pro picks Mini-test 118 120 Long-term Tests Get our verdict on Nikon’s groundbreaking pro-level D4 SLR 118 COVER FEATURE Use Photoshop CS6 to fix converging verticals in your images 04 Get creative control in changing light thanks to Auto ISO mode 05 Combine images and text to create a postcard-style montage 03 06 08 How to convert to monochrome in Capture NX 2 Shoot superb studio portraits using our four pro lighting setups READ THE TUTORIALS, THEN WATCH OUR EXPERT VIDEOS! LOOK OUT FOR THIS! Editorial photographer Rick Senley reveals the essentials he always packs Use your Nikon D-SLR to update all your old prints and slides 07 All the latest gear compatible with Nikons previewed and reviewed The N-Photo team rate their kit 02 120 The best travel tripods on test COVER FEATURE Set a custom White Balance to capture perfect colours indoors Master Auto FP mode for portraits with great depth of field COVER FEATURE Photo vests and jackets tested 01 104 112 Wherever you see this logo, look for the extra content on the video disc THE VIDEOS AND INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS DISC ARE 100% INDEPENDENT AND NOT ENDORSED OR SPONSORED BY NIKON CORPORATION OR ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Summer 2012 5

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