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issue number thirty-one


Little boots! 30 Wayne




The latest news from the world of handmade

Fill your life and home with crafted goodness

09  NEw!

49  Living

The last word in craft happenings

Our pick of the most coveted buys for a happy, hand-crafted home

14  Out and about

on the cover Photographer Philip Sowels Model Adele Houghton,

Pimp your pumps at a shoe workshop!

54  Home tour

16  trends

Kate Bradbury lives in a white home with four kids and a dog. Lawks!

It don’t matter if you’re black or white – be both with monochrome

60  hot pot

20  Cute kicks

Emma Lamb’s crocheted potholders are homespun style to perfection

Hannah Reed’s exclusive crocheted high tops – mega cosy for you and baby

65  Liberty Sewing set

30  tea and a chat…

Stitch Leanne Garrity’s pincushion and needlecase set to tidy up your craft space

Wayne Hemingway on design and thrift

36  makery makes Stitchy projects from Kate Smith

Mustard Models Project Hannah Reed Art direction and Styling Helena Tracey Styling Lucille Randall

4 31

44  pop your colour Sabrina Weigt’s exclusive knit is easy peasy – plus super-striking to boot

68 Vantastic Take a peek at Kate Ulman’s new caravan adventure book, then make her upcycled vintage teatowel cushion

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Jackpot! Cross stitched rings

thrifty & proud

44 Colour-


block knit

loving Treats and treasures to fall in love with

Crocheted potholders


Free-machine embroidery

Something Wayne Hemingway said to us when we interviewed him really got my attention: “A lot of people in the creative industries don’t do it to get rich – it’s a lifestyle choice.” Is being creative what motivates you? Is thriftiness and being clever with your cash your thing? It does it for me. So this issue is about celebrating doing what you love, doing it yourself and… renovating bargain caravans (see page 53 and 68)! This issue is also our first to include a bonus project for subscribers on page 28. Just a little treat for choosing us as your creative catalyst each month. Thanks!

Lara Watson Editor

75  loving Beautiful things to covet, adore and make

77  Lucky stars Stitch Sarah Fordham’s exclusive rings

81  From little acorns Sew Aimee Ray’s family tree design

84  revealing craft Take a tour around Butterscotch and Beesting’s Sheffield home studio

88  Mollie Makes Institute Purls of wisdom from Jenny Lord


Libertyprint sewing accessories

93 templates Your crewel work family tree stitch guide

98  the back page project For Perri Lewis, it’s the craft fields that get her head nodding at festival season

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Turn to page 7 for the story behind our collaboration with jane Foster

31 5

Get hooked on old skool styling, and cross stitch video arcade motifs onto wood with a Stedi DIY kit. We’re game if you are.

on the bright side Here’s another Highland gift triumph from Papa Stour. Twisted tartan bangles from the garden studio of a Scottish kiltmaker no less!

Fix-up, look sharp! Pop a Liberty Art Print bow tie in your man’s Sunday best drawer (and a cute hairband in yours). 10 31

Smart ideas and retro charm for letting the good times roll

Add a big dollop of printed goodness to your life with Rock The Custard’s feel-good fine art prints. Kiss goodbye to stress, and make a statement with this dandy monochrome number. Sometimes we all need a little ‘you rock’ reminder...

From zebras to grannies, there’s no doubting it’s Charlotte Taylor’s fruitful prints that have secured her a second collaboration with Anthropologie Europe. This time, the fashion designer has turned her colourful critter mash-up skills to cushion making. Hitting the shelves (softly) right about now.,

Following the success of her Staple Dress PDF, pattern designer April Rhodes has launched Date Dress, a guaranteed first-date conversation starter. You’re welcome.


@ ArtUBeCreative

Helping people tap into their creative powers and enjoy making art is ArtU, a new London craft community. Grab a pen (or brush) and join one of their collaborative classes.

Words: Katie allen Photographs: Sally Crane

Playful and bright displays provide heaps of inspiration.

Knit squared

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Chippendale – one of Sydney’s most buzzy districts – lies Sew Make Create, a hub of craft and community run by Melissa Tan-Lu and her “very useful handyman” husband, David. Visitors can hire sewing machines, browse handmade goodies from Australian crafters, choose from a huge range of classes and of course, meet Pepper, the resident Pekingese!

Changing our opinion of maths are the Canadian textile duo behind String Theory. By mastering the physics of fibres, yarns, knitting and weaving, they form structure, pattern and texture for their intriguing scarves and shawls.

See Melissa’s programme of workshops, and find out about local community projects at

shop to watch

Kate Spade & eBay Innovating on modern shopping experiences, designer Kate Spade has collaborated with eBay to create virtual shoppable front windows, giving unused retail spaces a new lease of life. Four touchscreens have already launched in New York to promote and sell items from her Saturday range. Get streetwise; go seek, shoppers! 31 11

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High fives for high tops!

Kick around in Hannah Reed’s exclusive crochet slippers, and while you’re at it, stitch some teeny baby ones too

NEW! tea & a chat

Where do you think your creative side comes from? My parents. My dad used to make and fix stuff; and my mum made clothes. Then, I married a very creative lass too.

tea and a chat with…

Wayne Hemingway

The founder of Red or Dead tells us why great design shouldn’t start with colour or shape – and reveals his thrifty new project

Words: Perri Lewis Photographs: Alun Callender

There are few people who can say they have their own museum; but Wayne Hemingway is one of them. “We’re collectors,” he says. “There’s over half a million items in our archive.” The design guru, who with his wife, Geraldine built the Red or Dead fashion label in the 90s to worldwide acclaim, has amassed quite a series of 20th-century pop culture artefacts. The majority now lives in The Land of Lost Content in Shropshire ( Surprisingly, the pair prefer to live and work in a minimalist space. “We’re 30 31

some of the craziest collectors in the country but our houses and offices are uncluttered,” he says. The aesthetic runs from their home on the south coast to their London offices, housed in a former seven-bedroom ambassador’s residence. From here, they create and curate some of the UK’s most exciting designled projects, from Vintage at Goodwood to regenerating housing at Gateshead’s South Bank. No matter what they take on, Hemingway says, the intention is always the same: to make people happy. Seems like a good ethos to us…

What’s it like working with your wife for Hemingway Design? Geraldine is a lot more thorough than me, and she often sees the possible downside to something long before I have. I’m more optimistic and headstrong, whereas she’s more of a realist. We’re both very good with ideas and free thinking, but sometimes I need reigning in a bit. It works well. When we’re in the office we sit close to one another and, on days like today when we’re working from home, we’ll sit opposite each other too. How do you get in the mood for designing? What do you do when faced with a blank piece of paper? You never start with a sheet of blank paper – ideas are always there in your mind. Most really good creative people that I know are never lacking in creativity; it’s more about focusing on the things that can be delivered that aren’t just flights of fancy. Tell us about your design ethos. We have a philosophy that design is about improving things that matter in life. You’ll

NEW! tea & a chat

‘We don’t ever think: “What’s the new colour? Are stripes the new spot?”’



03 Photograph 03: TAKEN from Wonder Walls by Sarah Bagner, published by Cico Books

see a problem, and you work out ways of solving it. We don’t ever think: “What’s the new colour going to be?” “Are stripes the new spot?” – we don’t look at trend forecasting, and never have; it’s of no interest to us. For example, we’re working on uniform for Transport For London at the moment: if the problems are that a train driver’s trousers go up his crack, we’ll try to solve that with good design. If we’re working on a housing development, we’ll think about the things that make that place a great

place to live – and that’s got very little to do with the colour of the front door or the shape of the roof; that’s the very easy bit at the end. Experience makes all that easy: you know what colour goes with what, which shape works best – but that’s not what design is. That’s just the final bit of styling at the end. Do you carry a sketchbook? Nowadays everything is on my phone. I write stuff on there and take photos. I’ve got the new Nokia 900, which is amazing.


Wayne and his wife

He’s recently been

Geraldine work

quoted lamenting

together in their

modern pop stars

north London

‘stripping the art’

office or from

out of music culture.

their mid-century-


The designer is

a huge collector,

influenced home. Music is one of

but his house

Wayne’s passions –

is uncluttered

he was incredibly

and minimal.


influential in the 80s and 90s music scene.

31 31


Making a business Psst! Stop daydreaming about that future craft business, and get ready to take some notes. The Makery’s Kate Smith shares her lessons-learned Words: Lara Watson

36 31


hen Kate Smith set up a workshop space and shop called The Makery in Bath in 2008, it was born out of a desire to be creative, make craft accessible to as many people as possible and do something worthwhile – three cheers, we say! Of course, once you’ve had your great idea, taken steps to get the business wheels in motion, and invested all your time into it, it’s easy to go from sorted to swamped. “I did everything at the beginning,” says Kate. “Taught all the workshops and parties, marketing, branding, PR, health and safety, accounts… Looking back, it was a pretty ‘interesting’ time! But along the way, I’ve learned a lot.” So we thought we’d pick Kate’s business brain for her best tips on turning your creative passions into your profession. With help from like-minded people – “it can really lift you out of low moments of self-doubt!” – Kate had time to remain focused on her plan, and importantly, learned to alter it to change with the market. “I’m a firm believer that if you have

a clear vision, you work hard for it and believe in it 100%, then you’ll get there,” she says. “We had a really clear business plan that we spent almost a year writing, and at first it was hard to think outside of it. However, you learn to adapt according to how you develop.” Once you get a handle on accepting help and playing chameleon, Kate recommends actually stepping back from the business side of things. “I still make sure I teach at least one workshop a month, and try to sit behind my sewing machine rather than my computer at least once a week.” Remember what keeps you fulfilled! And trust your instinct: “We’ve done many things that seemed strange, but I’ve been convinced they were the right things to do,” says Kate. “I have to keep reminding myself that no one knows our business as well as we do.” Pep talk done! Feeling inspired? Turn the page to try your hand at two of the projects from Kate’s new book, Makery. Let the left and right sides of your mind wander as you stitch. 31 37


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living home tour

Create a relaxed mood in a white home – just add pops of colour and vintage finds Words: Judith Wilson Photography: Rachael Smith

Kate Bradbury has achieved the unthinkable: she lives in a white house with four children and a dog. For some, this would be madness but for Kate it makes perfect sense – and anyway, white is her favourite colour. “My partner Lee and I aren’t precious about possessions,” she says. “The children are free to live in their home, and that’s important!” The family lives in Suffolk in a three-storey Victorian house. Kate and Lee moved here two

54 31

living home tour

This picture: The quirky still life on the mantelpiece includes the letter B, a nod to Kate’s surname. Right: The giant lamp in her daughter, Tallulah’s bedroom was a hardware-shop find.

31 55

photographs: Torben Höke

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