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NEW! tea & a chat ‘I end up doing my best work when I’m playing, like it’s nothing serious.’ 02 01 hard. I walk away from it. I end up doing my best work when I’m playing, like it’s nothing serious… and then I return to see what I was doing. Any recent incidents? I got all fired up to do this large piece centred on PJ Harvey. I was obsessively listening to her record Let England Shake. It’s all about WWI and war stories. It inspired me to do a memento mori – an artistic reminder of the inevitability of death. It was going really well, but then I got super-overwhelmed by it, so I set it aside. But I really liked one section of it – a skull and flowers I was doing. So I did them. And again. Now I’ve done it at least four more times on different fabrics and scales… with different threads… reworking it over and over. The simple variations are fascinating to me. Sounds incredible! What other projects are you currently working on? I’ve been embroidering a lot for the last year – large and small pieces. One is a 03 01 treasure – once Jenny’s cosy vintage-inspired belonged to a studio, full of Japanese family miss-matched whose grandmother antique pieces and was an avid sewer. soft furnishings. 03 A small selection Her oversized, of Jenny’s extensive painted diagram embroidery library. of a feather stitch The collection is adorns the wall. made up of some 02 This stuffed cat – vintage gems too. a garage-sale 29 29

Mollie Makes issue 29

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