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Homemade ices just for you! THRIFTY quilting

Upcycle your old denims Plus beginners´ guide to binding

Belle & Boo camera bag Topsy-turvy doll ✹ Frida-style floral crown ✹ Geek-chic heart rug ✹ Pretty market tote ✹ ✹

"  the things we make link us to the past" PIP LINCOLNE ON THE NOSTALGIA OF CRAFT


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issue number twenty-nine

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The latest news from the world of handmade

Fill your life and home with crafted goodness

07  NEw!

47  Living

The last word in craft happenings

Our pick of the most coveted buys for a happy, hand-crafted home

12  Out and about


Yummy delight

It’s a girl thing at Cybher 2013

52  Home tour

16  trends

Katharina Wörmann’s apartment is a carefully curated homage to hues

We celebrate all things Mexicana

20  ice cream dream Whatever your summer treat – whether cones or lollies – we’ve a make for you

28  tea and a chat…

4 29

Get down the arcade and crochet Rosee Woodland’s exclusive 8-bit heart rug

65  let’s shop

A heart-to-heart – with Jenny Hart

Stitch a fabulous floral shopper, roomy enough for all your market finds

34  true blue

89 templates

Don’t ditch old denims – make Maura Abrose’s exclusive denim quilt instead

All the shapes for this issue’s makes, plus your fish keyring How To

41  dolly duo 29

61 We heart 80s

Double the fun with Abby Glassenberg’s Topsy Turvy doll

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28 Jenny

34 Good jeans



loving Treats and treasures to fall in love with


Say “cheese” Mummy!

We’re regressing to childhood this issue with projects designed to stir memories. One of the most sentimental is Maura Grace Ambrose’s exclusive project on page 34 – using your fave old jeans to create a traditional quilt is thrifty crafting at its most nostalgic. Pip Lincolne’s first column for us is touching too – flick to page 98 to smile at the way craft connects us across generations. From the old to the brand new: our weekly digital magazine Gathered by Mollie Makes for iPad is now on iPhone too! Details on page 88, and let us know what you think on

Lara Watson Editor

69  loving Beautiful things to covet, adore and make

70  little snapper Stitch a Belle & Boo-inspired felty bag for mini photographers

74  revealing craft Studio Aitch’s Harriet Hawkins shows us her yarntastic craft space

78  Mollie Makes Institute Cassandra Ellis tackles the sometimestricky subject of binding your quilt

80  Visit copenhagen Flea markets, craft and awesome design? The Danish capital gets a thumbs up

on the cover

98  the back page project Meet Me At Mikes’ Pip Lincolne on why crafting is so special

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Photographer  Philip Sowels Project  Sol Maldonado, Zoe Larkins


We heart crochet

Model  Adele Houghton, Mustard Models Art Direction and Styling  Helena Tracey Styling Lucille Randall 29 5

Be a 60s icon with Pat Bravo’s new Carnaby Street fabrics. Her retro-inspired vibe is too groovy to ignore. Yeah, baby.

making memories

Nostalgic and handmade creations to help fill your scrapbook of life Tea dress, vintage knit, blusher and a hand-painted Rose Posy necklace: just a few things on our summer tea-party tick list. Lovely.

Take storytelling to the next level with a fun 3D tree from the playful Kidsonroof brand. Nimble fingers at the ready. 8 29


Dip your toes into the vintage treats trend with an oh-so-sweet 1950s-style ice cream cone dress. Inspired by quintessentially British seaside holidays, Amy Laws has been whipping-up these silk screenprinted beauties on her kitchen table. Form an orderly queue! theresonlyoneamy

First we fell for his neon Kitten Laser design (now on T-shirts in Urban Outfitters, no less!), but more recently we’ve been hypnotised by Kris Tates’ psychedelic doodle-style faux suede cushions. This Manchesterbased illustrator certainly knows how to work his magic with a Sharpie. Turn up the heat with Tecpan and Siesta, a perfect statement pair to jazz up your sofa.

Track and Field, Mountain, Sports Day and Barley – in Clare Nicolson’s refreshing new print set there’s plenty of old-skool charm, and not a PE kit in sight.


@ Sewoverit

Keep up with author and sewing shop owner Lisa Comfort’s latest on Twitter: patterns, Poppy (her cute dog) and craft workshop news for London.

Photographs: Mary Kilvert

Mary’s light and airy shop is a haven for all things ovine.

A right regal idea Illustrator and designer-maker Mary Kilvert says she’s “inspired by colour, pattern, storytelling and animals.” So it’s no surprise that a friendly sheep named Rollo took centre stage at the opening of her new shop in the artisan town of Frome, Somerset. Situated at the top of a cobbled street (in what was once an 18th-century wool carders), her bricks-and-mortar store is every inch a fairy tale venue.

Mini knits fit for a royal tot? It can only be Toft’s luxurious Royal Baby pattern collection – just right for your little prince or princess. It has plenty for mum, too – see above.

Find Mary’s signature Colourful Sheep Collection alongside everything from wallpapers to stationery at

website to watch

Bla Bla Kids Every new batch of collectible cuddlers at Bla Bla makes us smile. The characterful blend of designer Florence Wetterwald’s creativity, and the stitching knowledge of the Peruvian artisans who knit the dolls, results in new pals that feel like old friends. Find your perfect buddy, and check out the rest of their irresistible apparel at 29 9

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r o f y a w s i Th reat… at One scoop or two? Ice cream or iced lolly? However you like your classic summer refreshment, we’ve a crafty make for you

r j us t fo

Flash illustration: ©


soft soft scoop scoop crochet crochet -- bead bead sprinkles sprinkles


fluffy fluffy fresh fresh felt felt -- rainbow rainbow flavours flavours

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NEW! tea & a chat

tea and a chat with…

Jenny Hart

After a decade of craft fairs, the acclaimed embroiderist and author has arrived – at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Words: Jen Hazen Photographs: Kimberly Genevieve

Ten years ago, Jenny Hart was beginning to make a name for herself with breathtaking embroidered portraits of female icons such as Dolly Parton and Édith Piaf. At the time based in Austin, Texas, Jenny was raising her profile, creating embroidery kits and patterns, and travelling to all manner of designermaker events. At the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, Illinois, Jenny sold out of all stock. It was clear she was a star on the rise in the craft community. Today, Jenny is known not only as an acclaimed artist – her work has been 28 29

published in Vogue and Nylon amongst many other titles, as well as being exhibited worldwide – but she’s also a Mollie Makes columnist, craft author and business owner. Her customer-centric company, Sublime Stitching (“This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery,”) has made the craft cool again. Our writer, and close friend of Jenny, Jen Hazen, caught up with her at her new LA studio to chat about a unique creative process, accidental inspiration and the delicate balance of being an artist and a small business owner.

Describe a typical work day. Controlled chaos! Ninety per cent of what I do has to deal with managing operations. Ten per cent is creative design. Weekdays are 9am to 4.30pm – or as late as 6.30pm – and devoted to Sublime Stitching. If I can stop at 4.30, then I switch over to studio work and art. That means either preparing a piece to stitch or getting back to stitching on a work in progress. I’ll embroider until 7.30pm, which is when the studio is empty, office work and deliveries are done: it’s more peaceful. How does your creative process work? I keep a written notebook for my artwork and ideas. I always have one with me. For my artwork, writing down ideas is more helpful than sketches, in an odd way. I can write a phrase, and months later it will remind me exactly of the piece I had in mind. I do also keep a sketchbook, but that’s more for freeform drawing instead of recording ideas. This is separate from product development for Sublime Stitching, which has a more streamlined and rigid process. Designing for manufacturing is completely different than doing my studio work. Any tips for busting out of a creative rut? Do you ever even have those? Yes, I do! Usually when I’m trying too

NEW! tea & a chat

‘I end up doing my best work when I’m playing, like it’s nothing serious.’



hard. I walk away from it. I end up doing my best work when I’m playing, like it’s nothing serious… and then I return to see what I was doing. Any recent incidents? I got all fired up to do this large piece centred on PJ Harvey. I was obsessively listening to her record Let England Shake. It’s all about WWI and war stories. It inspired me to do a memento mori – an artistic reminder of the inevitability of death. It was going really well, but then

I got super-overwhelmed by it, so I set it aside. But I really liked one section of it – a skull and flowers I was doing. So I did them. And again. Now I’ve done it at least four more times on different fabrics and scales… with different threads… reworking it over and over. The simple variations are fascinating to me. Sounds incredible! What other projects are you currently working on? I’ve been embroidering a lot for the last year – large and small pieces. One is a



treasure – once

Jenny’s cosy


belonged to a

studio, full of

Japanese family


whose grandmother

antique pieces and

was an avid sewer.

soft furnishings.


A small selection

Her oversized,

of Jenny’s extensive

painted diagram

embroidery library.

of a feather stitch

The collection is

adorns the wall.

made up of some


This stuffed cat –

vintage gems too.

a garage-sale

29 29

How to make an

American quilt We asked Folk Fibers to design us a denim blanket, so we’d never have to say goodbye to our fave jeans

Photographs: Top-left & bottom-left – Theron Humphrey,

29 35


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Twice the fun with Abby Glassenberg’s exclusive alter-ego doll

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29 41

living home tour

“All colours go together,” in Katharina Wörmann’s quirky, Bavarian apartment Words: Helen Self Photography: christine bauer,

Think of Bavaria in south-east Germany and you probably picture a rather stereotyped set of images: dirndl skirts, medieval timbered towns, and Alpine peaks and meadows. But actually, that’s all fine with Bavarian interior designer Katharina Wörmann, because those are things she loves, and from which she draws endless inspiration for her stunning homestyle. “Colour is my most important styling tool,” says Katharina, “and in my opinion there

52 29

living home tour

Left: Katharina’s kitchen is a riot of colour. She designed the rug for a restaurant that she styled – and loved it so much that she made one for herself. This page: In her bedroom Katharina displays special treasures, travel souvenirs, finds and gifts from friends.

29 53


Copenhagen A tantalizing place for anyone who loves cutting-edge style and modern design. Make the Danish capital top of your must-visit list Words: Chloe king Photographs: Amanda Thomsen

80 29

loving visit

Stalls at Nørrebro Flea Market line up along the yellow walls of the Assistens Cemetery; stencils at Kaiku; Finnsdottir pots at Kaiku; vintage wares at Nørrebro Flea Market; Danish Design Museum.

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