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292 ut l-o SIDE pul s IN E! 4 ap FRE te m Rou Britain’s Best-selling MOUNTAIN Bike Magazine july 2013 issue 292 july 2013 Welsh special “A labyrinth of unimaginably vast holes in the mountainside, linked by a network of tunnels and rusty ladders” – p69 5 great dirty weekends in Wales slate mine stunt ride why wales is as good as whistler! help build the trails you love to ride OU R Y R MASTE N S I O N SUSPE p tips for Mojo’s to r set-up best-eve Perfect positions Get your body in the right Per fe place for more control ct j Upli ft es sent i als – biketest all th ers eys – e gea r you find need you r ide al s hor to su rvive t-s the t leev ed s hirt he b for ig de scen sum me ts – p 27 july 2013 PRINTED IN THE UK £4.50 Tough as nails hardtails for better blasts this summer r ri des –p 142

Mountain Biking UK

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