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spr The official student newspaper of florida Tech ing 20 13 gr ad lis t in spring, issue 7 April 23, 2013 sid e! Florida Tech students raise over $1,000 with Boston Relief Run Drew Lacy Editor-in-Chief What began as a run with a friend quickly turned into a charity event that drew national and international attention for Florida Tech students Wade Dauberman and Andy Dutra. “I was like, ‘Hey man, we should run sometime when we’re both free,’” said Dauberman. “And then I said, ‘Let’s make a Facebook group and get other people to come,’ and overnight it turned into this.” “This” was the Boston Relief Run, a marathon that brought out over 200 people from around Brevard County to run in honor of the city and raise money for One Fund Boston on April 21. The fund goes toward helping the victims and families affected by bombings at this year’s Boston Marathon that photo by Lisa McMahon Event organizers Wade Dauberman (left) and Andy Dutra (right) before the marathon. left three dead and 170 injured. The Facebook group went from a few friends to hundreds as people shared the link and local media covered the story, and soon Dauberman and Dutra found themselves planning a much larger event. Calls and messages poured in from people around the world looking to donate and create similar events. “We’ve gotten people from Brazil, Paris, England, Puerto Rico – they’re all going to be running at the same time to show their support,” said Dutra. “It’s a very humbling experience. We’re two Ph.D. students down here in little Melbourne Florida, and this made it all the way out to Boston and beyond. It’s incredible.” Local businesses and groups set See charity, pg. 5 Harris raccoons trapped and relocated Rebekah Duntz Staff Writer Imagine you’re casually walking out of your dorm, minding your own business, when you spot a small bear eating a banana right outside your doorstep. After a few moments of alarm, you realize, “Oh, it’s just another raccoon.” This isn’t an unfamiliar experience for many students living in Harris Village, where raccoons have been taking up residence for some time now. An April 5 email from assistant director of residence life, Gregory Connell, warned Harris students not to feed, touch or interact in any way with the raccoons, as this reduces their instinctual fear of humans and increases their likelihood of trying to interact. Five days later, Connell sent out a second email reminding students of the previous statement, and announcing that a wildlife removal company had been called to trap the animals and move them elsewhere. Though the relocation is for the raccoons’ benefit, as well as the students’, there have been some negative responses from Harris’ human residents. A Facebook page called “Save the Fl Tech Coons” sprung up following the email announcement. Students have used the page to share photos of the raccoons and updates of their relocation. “We heard that they were taking the raccoons away and they sent out an email, and it kind of upset us and we feel that it’s not necessary,” said Alex Spahn, who calls himself the “raccoon whisperer.” “On a personal level, I just like to have them around,” Spahn said. “Over three years they have kind of been like my little babies.” “If there was a raccoon that was showing signs of aggression, then I could see them removing them, but I haven’t seen anything like that,” See havahart, pg. 2 photo by Ryan Seeloff/Florida Tech Athletics Sean Ashley hands the ball off to Trevor Sand in Florida Tech’s first-ever Pirate Stadium game. Florida Tech football sells more than 400 season tickets David Barkholz Sports Editor photo by Katie Hesterly One of the many raccoons in the Harris complex searches for food out of a trash can. walkathon Campus life editor Hershlay Raymond covers a fundraising walkathon. See College of business, pg 5 Florida Tech football players haven’t been the only ones hard at work in preparation for the debut of the school’s new sports program next fall. After selling more than half of the original amount, Florida Tech Athletics has expanded the premium seating section in Pirate Stadium in order to accommodate the demand for 2013 Florida Tech football season tickets. “I can guarantee you that we will sell out next year – at least the first game,” said Bill Jurgens, the athletic director of Florida Tech, “and those who have guaranteed seats will be in a favorable position and not be denied.” According to Jurgens, 407 of the original 754 available season tickets have been sold up to this point, about 53 percent of the original tickets. These 754 seats are located between the 40 yard lines on the stadium’s home side, in what the university is calling the premium seating section, where each seat is numbered and exclusively reserved for its ticket holder. “They do cost more,” Jurgens said, “but they are comparably priced with similar seats in the Gulf South Conference.” According to the Florida Tech football season ticket brochure, premium seats will be sold to adults for $65. Seniors, children and Florida Tech employees will be able to purchase them for $40. “What we’re doing now is we’re expanding premium seats to the 30 and 30,” Jurgens said. “For those who have purchased their seats to this point, they basically get the priority seating between the 40s.” The expansion of the section brings the total number of premium seats in Pirate Stadium, which seats approximately 5,500 people, to 1,337. According to Ryan Jones, assistant athletic director for athletic communications, all unsold football premium season ticket seating grad list Find your name on the 2013 spring graduation list! See grad list, pg 12 will be made available to purchase as single-game premium seating, but that option is not yet available. This expansion in premium seating follows a major advertising push from both the athletic and marketing departments at Florida Tech. “We had a pretty targeted advertising campaign,” said Jennifer Neuhard, assistant vice president for university marketing at Florida Tech. “We created three different digital billboards that are now posted on Interstate 95 and also had two TV commercials made using models, actors and our real football players.” According to Neuhard, commercials for Florida Tech football have been aired on eight television stations thus far, some of which include ESPN, the NFL Network and Fox Sports. “We also considered doing a direct mail campaign to community leaders,” Neuhard said, “but once See pirate stadium, pg. 16 campus life................. 2 entertainment............ 7 Sci/tech...................... 8 OPINIONS....................... 9 sports........................ 16

Crimson 4/23/2013 Issue

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