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Volume I, Issue 4 Spring/Summer 2011 The Office of Special Programs A Celebration of Graduation Trio programs were first created during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration in an effort to end the war on poverty and provide those with class and social barriers and economic disparities the opportunity to receive a postsecondary education. With 31 total graduates from Student Support Services and the Educational Opportunity Centers, the Department of Special Programs at Fayetteville State University is not only continuing this fight against poverty, but is helping Trio participants win the war. Walter Palmer, Program Coordinator for EOC, instills in his employees the office motto, “Recruit, Retain, and Support: it illustrates how we have identified these participants for our EOC program; provided the necessary EOC services and follow-ups to make sure they are prepared to enroll in college and once they are enrolled to provide them with all the support that they need to be successful during their college experience.” And with a successful college ex- perience, participants are more likely to become successful college graduates. Carmen Wade, Program Coordinator for SSS, understands the significance her program has in the students‟ pursuit of a baccalaureate education. “Many disadvantaged students are faced with obstacles that can make the thought of obtaining a baccalaureate degree only a dream,” Wade states. “Student Support Services helps to make this dream a reality. We provide our students with a support system as well as resources that make achieving a baccalaureate degree a definite possibility,” a possibility that would not be available to these students without the various support methods of the SSS program. Both Coordinators understand the significance of each of these participants‟ accomplishments, not only for themselves and for their families, but for the entire community. “The completion of a college degree betters the community by providing an outstanding taxpaying citizen for others to rely on,” Palmer states. continue on page 4 Picture from left to right: (1st row) Elijah Davis, Alba Gonzalez, Shana Johnson-Varsite (2nd row) Tamikka Portee, Kelsey McRae, Joel Walker (3rd row) Leslie Finch, Ashley Williams, Lakeitha Greene (4th row) Pamela Bennett, Odell Windfield

Special Program Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

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