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ME OH MY PIE Freezable pastries for the hurried hostess WRITING AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY NICOLE WILLS OF TIKKIDO.COM The hectic holiday season is notoriously stressful, with so many parties, events, and entertaining obligations that quickly fill calendars. Making homemade pies for Christmas dinner is often one of the first things to get cut from the to-do list; many people instead opt for sad, gummy, store-bought versions instead. Rather than running into a time crunch at the end of the holiday season, why not plan ahead and freeze pies early in December, before the social calendar gets completely swamped? Tracy DeWitt, a chef-instructor at the Arizona Culinary Institute, and Dave Smoake, a chef-instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, are a pastry-baking wonder team. Together, they won the 2006 National Bread and Pastry Championship, and took silver the following year at the National Pastry Team Championship. They’ve competed in five Food Network challenges as a team, and won two of those challenges. These guys know their pies, and we turned to them for advice for freezing ahead so all you have to do on Christmas day is pull the pies from the freezer and bake. FESTIVITIES BY TIKKIDO.COM AND FROGPRINCEPAPERIE.COM WINTER 2012 33

Festivities Magazine Winter 2012

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