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` Elegant Hand-Stamped Napkins Unbleached muslin napkins lend rustic elegance to a fall feast and won’t break the budget. Make them even more perfectly customized with a simple stamp and ink that match the party theme. Materials: Rubber stamp ink fabric napkins If using store bought napkins, test a stamp on a small, unobtrusive place to be sure that the ink doesn’t smear. Natural fabrics will work better than synthetics for this craft. Unbleached muslin is extremely inexpensive, and cut into 18” squares, makes easy, lovely cloth napkins. If sewing a seam or edging is intimidating, use pinking sheers to cut the fabric to prevent fraying. Once the napkin is ready, stamp the image on one corner of each napkin. Hundreds of stamp designs are available in ma jor craft stores, and custom stamps are also available from many online vendors. Use a colorfast fabric ink if you want the design to be permanent. If you use a washable ink, the napkins will look beautiful for the event, and then wash cleanly away afterward, ready to be stamped with a new image for the next holiday. FESTIVITIES BY TIKKIDO.COM AND FROGPRINCEPAPERIE.COM WINTER 2012 19

Festivities Magazine Winter 2012

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