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Vol. 1 No. 14  Pages 32  ` 7  25 Nov–1 Dec 2011 The New Millennium {Inside} A Guarded Life Art T he Indian Art market is buzzing. An in-depth article on appreciation of art, and also what’s in the market for art lovers and buyers. ...Pg 5 { Maninder Dabas / FG } A ccording to Thomson Jefferson, “For people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.” He said these words, keeping in mind the uncivilised side of a civilised race—’humanity’. The moment caution and distrust, the gatekeepers of security, fall asleep—insecurity prevails. Till not so long ago, the police and the army were considered to be the only purveyors of security; but now the scenario has changed, and private security has come up as a trusted (?) option. It is also a lucrative business. India has over 50 lakhs of its population working as private security guards; and Gurgaon, a city much anticipated as a city of prosperity, has over 30 thousand (more than 10 times the number of policemen). Be it malls, offices, residential buildings or plotted bungalows—everywhere we get to see private guards Clinical Advantage S potlight on the role clinics play, in bridging the gap between public hospital services and the medical megapolises. ...Pg 9 Know Your Councillors C ouncillors Deepak Indora (Ward No. 15) and Seema Pahuja (Ward No.11)— both from ‘Old” Gurgaon— reveal their assessment of what ails their wards, and how they are coping/delivering. ...Pg 12 Transforming Lives T he success story of Literacy India. Started in 1996, the organization helps children and women; teaching not only basic literacy, but also vocational skills and creative expression through theatre, painting and other forms of art. ...Pg 13 Act Out Your Dreams N urse your acting bug with the Gurgaon Theatre Group. Both professionals and learners— who have a passion for acting—can join, learn and perform with the newly formed group. ...Pg 19 Realty’s Reality Show S ubstantial oversupply, rising structural vacancy, prudent investors and buyers, coupled with economic slow down, rising costs, and stringent financial policy have cast a shadow on Gurgaon’s hitherto booming commercial real estate industry. A report on where the industry is headed, and what it needs to do to bounce back. ...Pg 22 Regular Features Cinema Listings & Helplines ...Pg 4 Food Prices ...Pg 6 The Week That Was ...Pg 8 Sector Watch ...Pg 10 Learn Haryanvi ...Pg 12 Realty Rates ...Pg 24 RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319 keeping an eye; for the well being of the people. Our property, and if exaggeration be permitted, our mortality—is protected by these guards. “Yes, no doubt, these private security guards are useful in maintaining a secure environment in the city. The whole commercial and residential set-up of the city has been covered by these guards. The police has its limitations, in number and reach. These guards also help us in managing the traffic. In fact, we are working on some method/process, by which we can use them in a more productive way,” said Bharti Arora, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Traffic. Let’s discuss the various aspects of security in the city, and whether these private security guards are capable enough, to meet the rising demands of this everexpanding city. Who needs a security guard, and why? Prosperity, and concern for security, go hand in hand. In the last twenty years, Gurgaon has been bestowed with prosperity, and the muse of destiny seems to continue her blessings on this city for the next few decades. There is a belief that this city has the potential to eclipse the horizons of success set by the famed cities of the first world. “A dynamic change has come in the last two decades here. Gurgaon is no more a suburb of Delhi; it has gone beyond expectations. You see hundreds of MNCs operating here; along with malls, big residential apartments and a huge industrial base. They bring with them concerns of security. Since the police of the city is way short in numbers, to provide that much desired and sought after sense of security, these private security guards have come up as a relevant option,” said Vishal Swara, the Chairman of the Haryana Executive Board of the Central Association of the Private Security Industry (CAPSI); and the CEO of SLV private security agency. The political instability in South Asia, and India’s not-so good relations with some of the failed Contd on p 8  House That, For Living It Up! { Shirin Mann / FG } L uxury living! Waking up to a panoramic view of the lush green Aravali mountains, from your golf— course facing, high rise apartment. Not only this. You can barely hear the noise of traffic; instead your ears are blessed with the soothing sound of the wind, while you sip coffee in the garden of your 17th floor condominium— while you take a dip in a pool right beside it. Yes, that’s luxury living re-defined. The luxury of not only living in a regular condominium or those several others; but of the premium condos or penthouses of svelte new shapes, that form the ‘uptown’ part of the Millennium City. High-rises like DLF Aralias, Laburnum — and now the upcoming Magnolias, have not only redefined high living; but Contd on p 6  JIT KUMAR

Friday Gurgaon, November 25-December 1, 2011

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