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Introduction Spotlight 11 is an English course based on the relevant unit in the Student’s Book. It aims to Common European Framework of Reference and consolidate the language presented in the designed for B2 level students. Student’s Book through a variety of exercises, incorporating all four skills. Spotlight 11 develops all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through a variety of My Language Portfolio communicative tasks, and systematically recycles My Language Portfolio contains material to be used key language items. Above all, it is designed to in a variety of tactile tasks throughout the course. promote active (activating all new vocabulary and This material is printed on pages which students structures in meaningful, everyday situations), may then cut out and file in their individual holistic (encouraging the creative collective use of Language Portfolios (see Students’ Language students’ brains as well as the linguistic analytical Portfolios). use of their brains) and humanistic (acquiring and practising language through pleasant tasks and Teacher’s Book topics, paying attention to their needs, feelings The Teacher’s Book contains detailed Teacher’s and desires) learning. notes, which provide: ñ objectives of each unit in a clear and concise The coursebook consists of eight modules of nine lessons each. Each module is designed to be taught in nine 50-minute lessons. Each module ends with a Spotlight on Exams section as well as a Progress Check section. way ñ step-by-step lesson plans and suggestions on how to present the material ñ a full Key to the exercises in the Student’s Book and Workbook ñ tapescripts of all listening material COURSE COMPONENTS Student’s Book Class Audio CDs The Student’s Book is the main component of the The Class Audio CDs contain all the recorded course. Each module is based on a single theme material which accompanies the course. and the topics covered are of general interest. All modules follow the same basic structure (see Student’s Audio CD Elements of a Module). The Student’s Audio CD contains the recorded dialogues and the main texts in the Student’s Book, Workbook and may be used for the purposes of homework, The Workbook is in full colour. preparation and practice. The Workbook contains units corresponding to those in the Student’s Book. It can be used either in class or for homework upon completion of the 4

Решебник (ГДЗ) по английскому языку - учебник Spotlight (Книга для учителя) - 11 класс

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