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SURYA RAGUTHU ACE Pain Management & Physical Therapy Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm • Saturday 8am - 12pm 1235 LAKE POINTE PARKWAY, SUITE 103 • SUGAR LAND, TX 77478 832-532-0050 • WWW.ACEPAIN.COM Fort Bend’s most in-depth news coverage • Check our website Volume XXXVI • No. 44 To schedule appointment, call: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Congressman Olson troubled by IRS and wants feedback By Elsa Maxey One of the people in Washington, D.C. representing a collective voice from home, U.S. Representative Pete Olson from Texas District 22 says, “I don't buy it.” He is referring to claims that emails connected to a former IRS official at the center of a Tea Party targeting scandal are forever lost because of a computer crash. The IRS division official On Friday, June 20, the Central Fort Bend Chamber conducted the 2014 State of Richmond Address with that processes applications to Mayor Evalyn Moore. More than 275 people attended the event at Safari Texas Ranch. Shown from left: Richmond Commissioner Glen Gilmore; Richmond Commissioner Jesse Torres; Richmond City Manager Terri Vela; Richmond Economic Development Director Rob Tobias; Richmond Mayor Evalyn Moore; Central Fort Bend Chamber President Shanta Kuhl; Richmond Police Chief Bill Whitworth. determine taxexempt status, Lois Lerner is currently under investigation by congressional committees, the Justice Pete Olson Department and the IRS inspector general for targeting groups based on political affiliation, specifically conservative groups. In a communication to constituents last week, Congressman Olson told them he finds the computer crash explanation “unacceptable and awfully convenient.” The incident reportedly took place in 2011, and lost emails are from 2009 to 2011, the time period in which they could allegedly show a connection between the White House and the IRS’s treatment of conservative groups. Other IRS officials’ computers are also reported to have crashed. CONGRESSMAN, continued on page 5 Stafford City Council discuss Challenges ahead for Richmond procedure changes on time as growth intersects with tradition limit for future public hearings By Betsy Dolan When the National Anthem singer at Richmond's State of the City luncheon struggled to remember the words, the crowd joined in to help out. It was the sort of cooperative spirit that Richmond Mayor Evalyn Moore is hoping to see more of in the months ahead as Richmond prepares for growth and change. "It is an exciting time for us", Moore told the crowd. "My late husband (Richmond's long time Mayor Hillmar Moore) always had the pioneer spirit and we thank him for that legacy. But Richmond is no longer the sleepy little town west of the Brazos". Since voters approved a home rule charter change in 2013, Richmond has been annexing land in the city's extra-territorial CHALLENGES, continued on page 5 Texas State Technical College looks to expand in Fort Bend County By Betsy Dolan Texas State Technical College wants to increase its reach in Fort Bend County with a planned $27 million expansion project. With the county's explosive growth and job demand for technically skilled workers expected to increase in coming years, leaders with the Henderson-Wessendorf Foundation and the George Foundation have backed the project and are working to get Competition for Sugar Land HOAs? By LeaAnne Klentzman So we have been tell’n ya’ about how a Sugar Land HOA is pick’n CRIMINAL on widow-wom- OF THE WEEK en, well here’s a guy taking bikes from children… As school wound to a close in early June, a 12 year old girl was riding her bike near an elementary school in one of the Cinco Ranch neighborhoods. As she rode along the sidewalk DUMB COMPETITION, continued on page 5 $8M in community support. At a recent City of Sugar Land workshop, William Jameson with the George Foundation, cited a Perryman Workforce Study commissioned by the foundations that indicate over 48,000 technically skilled workers will be needed in Fort Bend County by 2030. The same study found that the TSTC median hourly wage for "high demand" jobs projected in the county is $23.22/hour or $48,311 a year. "There are TSTC students that get a four-year degree", Jameson told the council. "But most are not ready for a 4-year old school or can't afford a 4-year school. But they still want to be trained, get a good job and be a productive member of the community. That's the TSTC graduate", Jameson told the council. By Karen Daniels In light of recent events, namely the public hearing held at the Stafford Civic Center on May 21st, Stafford City Council is now considering imposing a time limit for future public hearings. Currently there is no time limit, and as you may recall, that meeting for the approval of a Specific Use Permit requested by Carson Companies to build light industrial at the entrance of the Promenade subdivision ended at 2 a.m.; the remainder of the meeting concluded at 3:00am; and some city staffers did not go home until 4:00 a.m. At the June 18, council meeting, Councilman Robert Sorbet placed the consideration of a procedure change on the agenda as a “chance to improve” future public hearings. He is suggesting a 7 minute time limit for speakers. Councilman Sorbet said he is “not trying to stifle debate” and suggested that if the speaker has more to say, he or she can simply get back in line, but he wants to provide everyone else a chance to speak. Mayor Scarcella explained that per year the city has approximately 25/30 public hearings (though they allow community members to speak on agenda items that are not listed as public hearings as well). He suggested that “when it becomes obvious that it will be a big turnout, they could announce a 7 minute rule.” Councilman Sorbet stated that he “wants the rule because it establishes fairness.” Councilman Willis is not in favor of a time limit and called the May 21 meeting an “anomaly” that was run on “emotions with incorrect facts.” Councilman Mathew saw both sides of the discussion. He is for a 7 minute time limit, but suggested that it also apply to Council. The Mayor does not want restrictions on Council and recommended that instead of taking a vote that night, they take more time to reflect on the issue. Other surrounding cities such as Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy, all impose a 3 minute time limit. If citizens in these cities can have their thoughts and concerns organized in this time frame, surely the citizens of Stafford, with more than double the allotted time, can do the same. Having said that, Stafford likes the fact that they do not limit the public and wish to encourage more citizens to attend these meetings. Youth Art classes have fun while learning TEXAS, continued on page 5 Split second action saves woman oncoming train tore through the intersection. The lives of a Richmond police Officer Morales was on officer and the woman he pulled night shift patrol when he was from the railroad tracks notified that there have been forever was a report of a changed in the mere woman sitting on seconds he had to pull the tracks where her from the tracks. Morton Street ends While Richmond and Douglas Street Police officer Ramon begins; it is a dark Morales does not want crossing, with little fanfare or hoopla, to no traffic, that is Ramon Morales his quick thinking rather secluded. As Police Officer and fast reaction Morales’ headlights made him an instant hero as washed across the darkness he pulled a distraught and the image of a person was just disheveled woman from the barely visible. As he brought railroad tracks early Sunday morning just seconds before an SPLIT, continued on page 5 By LeaAnne Klentzman T. W. Davis YMCA is sponsoring  community youth  art this year.  Acrylic painting classes are being offered.  The initial  class was  held at the Barbara Jordon Youth Center on Park Rd. in Needville. The second class was held at Meyer Elementary School in Rosenberg.  Meyer Elementary Youth Painting Class proudly shows off their art work. See related article on page 2 FOUNDATION PROBLEMS? $500 OFF PLUS 713-983-8400 FREE Estimate Foundation and Structural Solutions Since 1840 1.800.STRUCTURE • “Setting standards through three centuries and six generations.” Celebrating 174 years of service! One coupon per customer

June 25, 2014 - Fort Bend Community Newspaper

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