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Find your next vehicle online at The Fort Bend / Southwest STAR 4655 Techniplex Dr. Suite 300, Stafford, Texas 77477 E-Mail: • Website: Office: 281-690-4200 • Fax: 281-690-4250 • TOLL FREE 1-888-430-7478 Volume XXXII • No. 45 Doug Hendrix, DVM The ARC of Fort Bend County 281-494-5923 POSITION: Co-Chair of The Arc’s Golf Classic Fund raiser YEARS OF SERVICE: 12 Years CURRENT EMPLOYER: Sugar Land Pet Hospital Ensuring opportunities for people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities to maximize their quality of life within our community. Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Short yellows may generate fines ... “follow the example of League City.” Short yellow lights resulted in $130,500 in red light camera refunds this year. That information is on League City’s website. It states that the city refunded individuals for a total of 1,740 red light camera tickets due to the illegal short yellow times on a traffic light. A local motorist there discovered that drivers on a particular road with a traffic light were being short changed on the yellow light. Not unlike Van Der Grinten, who has done this in Sugar Land, the League City resident reportedly armed himself with a stopwatch and checked. The timing was off, the city concurred and made the refunds. On West Airport at Eldridge, Van Der Grinten found that to be the case and the yellow time was corrected and he said, “increased by only 0.4 seconds.” He wants those that Splish ... Splash ... Who’s Taking a Bath? STEVE GRIFFITH Neighborhood protesters attend FCCA meeting HELWIG VAN DER GRINTEN MAYOR JAMES THOMPSON received tickets before the adjustment to get their money back for red light violations that were paid. Van Der Grinten has also produced a study by the Texas Transportation Institute that states violations jumped 110 percent when yellow light timing was reduced by one second. The addition of one second beyond the bare minimum, according to the report, yielded a 40 percent col- You’re in Stafford – new monuments draw attention to city property lines By Elsa Maxey Anyone seen the new 55 foot monuments in Fort Bend County?  There are four situated statuesquely on U.S. 59 and one is at the east end of the Island in Stafford.  City identity monuments is what the slender pyramids are. THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: HHH Red light camera issues still on the table By Elsa Maxey Reimburse fines paid on short yellow citations. Ease the over zealous enforcement of the right on red requirement of a full stop. Add one second to the yellow light minimum required by TxDOT. Remove the language on Sugar Land’s website about red light cameras reducing accidents and saving lives. These requests are items that Sugar Land resident Helwig Van Der Grinten is waiting to hear about from Mayor James Thompson. Van Der Grinten, Founder, Houston Coalition Against Red Light Cameras, met with Mayor Thompson last week together with Steve Griffith, Assistant City Manager. He has been dogged about the use of the red light cameras and says they are a random form of taxation for motorists. He says, Community STAR lision reduction. With the short yellows, violation numbers is what apparently doubled as did revenues, shares Van Der Grinten, adding that is what has attracted the company that runs the photo enforcement program at intersections. In Baytown, Van Der Grinten, says there’s someone there leading the charge to get a referendum See RED LIGHT, page 9 By Elsa Maxey Lakes of Edgewater homeowner Kim Mason, has been spearheading neighborhood opposition to a First Colony Community Association (FCCA) master plan. News of a proposed splash park in the Lakes of Edgewater and plans to close up to five swimming pools are causing not ripples, but a surge of concerns by residents that live in neighborhoods managed by the FCCA.  So much so that homeowners in First Colony are concerned about what they say are plans being pushed on them, are being represented by an attorney, Jonathan Day of Day PLLC. Let’s begin with the end as it now stands.  Last week, on June 17, the FCCA board approved moving forward with the next phase of construction renovations for the Edgewater Park project for a splash park, pavilion and parking lot to cost $870,000. “Our designers will proceed with development documents that will go out to bid for construction of the project,” said FCCA Sherrie Knoepfel, Executive Director.  SEE EDITORIAL, page 3 “FCCA: More cents than sense” Kneopfel also said that FCCA will be sending a follow-up response letter to neighborhood residents. “I think we have been extremely responsive,” said Knoepfel, when she was asked if she thought the board’s action implied that the resident protest fell on deaf ears and was in vain. See SPLASH, page 9 1st Round Superstar finalists named Mayor Leonard Scarcella began working on having them placed some time ago and their purpose is about letting passersby know that they’re in Stafford, not Sugar Land or Houston, and in these parts, Meadows Place is on that list of cities for which this stretch of geography does not correspond. Mayor Scarcella said that’s why they were needed. The towers cost $550,000, according to the city, and their use is one of the ways that Stafford seeks to get some attention.  After all, Stafford is the only city in the state of Texas with a zero property tax, which made a congratulatory entry into the U.S. Congressional Record for its unique and bold policy for assisting taxpayers. Monument signs are markers intended to make an impression and that’s what these towers do since one can’t help but notice Sugar Land Town Square recently kicked off the first round of the 2010 Sugar Land Superstar them.  “I guess you could say competition, sponsored by David Taylor Cadillac, with the first batch of contestants performing live in they’re a dignified way to let you the Plaza. Evan Hines, left, Samantha Garcia, Mary Sarah Gross, Alisha Pace and Toni Davis were named know you’re in Stafford country,” finalists at the end of the night and will go on to compete in the finale of the competition on August said Katy visitor Sean Matthews 14.  Round II will take place from 7-9 pm on July 10. of the erected monuments put up this month. Most of these new identity markers, those huge monumental stakes, are found in sets of pairs— “two of them on West Airport on By LeaAnne Klentzman either side of U.S. 59 and two By LeaAnne Klentzman dences in Fort Bend County.” This is one of the new 55 foot monuments for the City of Stafford erected more are on either side of the Sheriff’s spokesperson Those arrested are accused of  A couple of a couple of weeks ago. Four were placed along U.S. 59 and another one frontage at Techniplex,” said City Terriann Carlson issued a state- “street level” crack cocaine drug weeks back a on the city's "Island." Engineer Charles Russell.  ment and photos of 12 people deals. Mo City woman See MONUMENTS, page 8 who have been charged with Charged with Delivery of a backed her land varying levels of narcotics offens- controlled substance; a state jail barge (a Chevy 8 CRIMINAL es.  Carlson explained that sealed felony are:  passenger vehi- OF THE WEEK Grand Jury indictments were James Luna, 21, bond $10,000, cle- you know)  into a brand Up to 15 percent savings in Sugar Land but Congress’ failure leaves homeowners vulnerable issued for the arrested individuals Eddie Garner, 57, bond $ 5,000, new car in a Houston parkbased on a nine month under- Glenn Raven, 55, bond $5,000, ing lot.  What was she think’n By Elsa Maxey and other initiatives, have earned say FEMA officials. cover operation by the Task force.  and Kelly Conder, 33, one charge ... well, clearly she wasn’t, The City of Sugar Land the city lower premiums as a The designation, reports the The operation targeted illegal nar- of possession of marijuana, bond because she just drove off. announces that as a result of CRS Class 7 Community.”  At a city, will impact premium reduc- cotics distributors in and across $2,500, and one count of  possesImagine the outrage by witaddressing potential flood issues city council meeting this month, tions from 5 percent up to 15 per- Fort Bend County. sion of controlled substance war- nesses, yep, there they were with flood plain management pro- the class 7 community rating cent, depending on the location of Carlson said, “On June rant, bond $5,000, both of which mouths agape watching her grams, it has been able to obtain for Sugar Land was discussed the insured property. 16, 2010, beginning in the are also state jail felonies. drive away! Shall we have a reduced premiums for residents as one earned due to the city’s Flood insurance policies are morning hours, Drug Agents Also charged with delivery of moment of silent prayer for her purchasing flood insurance poli- efforts at exceeding minimum available from FEMA’s National along with Deputies from the a controlled substance, state jail life as she knew it BEFORE cies. flood plain requirements. This Flood Insurance Program ( Fort Bend County Sheriff’s felonies, are Al Chukwuemeka, she left the scene of an acciAccording to the city, FEMA is the first year that Sugar Land NFIP), which required the city’s Office Fugitive Apprehension 59, bond $25,000, Joe Petry, dent? Regional Administrator Tony participated in the voluntary rat- adoption and enforcement of cri- Division and Officers with 32, bond $30,000, and Sherman YessirreeBob, you can bet Russell said, “The City of Sugar ing system program and the high teria to reduce potential flooding Rosenberg Police Department Wilson 58, with a bond of things will never be the same! Land’s higher regulatory stan- rating for first-time participants in its community.  executed the Sealed Grand Jury $25,000. See DUMB, page 8 dards, public education outreach, is considered outside the norm, See FLOOD, page 8 Indictments at numerous resiSee INDICTED, page 8 Twelve Fort Bend Co. residents indicted for varied drug offenses Crash Dummy DUMB “We Take Your Comfort to Heart” REPAIRS 281-261-3333 Not valid with any other offer or on service fee. Good on work over $99. 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June 23, 2010

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