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Project L.U.C.I.D. Page 1 of 7 Project L.U.C.I.D. Excerpts from the book “Project L.U.C.I.D.” by Texe Marrs “A frightening behemoth is rising up from the depths of America's hidden SS establishment. Like a vast and monstrous silicon octopus, Project L.U.C.I.D. is stretching forth its ominous and threatening, high tech tentacles. Multitudes of unsuspecting, helpless victims will very soon be encircled and crushed by Big Brother's new, Gestapo police state. Who among us can possibly escape from the electronic cages now being prepared for all mankind?” - Texe Marrs Project L.U.C.I.D. The Universal Human Control System According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, the word lucid means “suffused with light; luminous; translucent...” Astonishing and undeniable evidence exists of an incredible, new universal human control system. Officially called L.U.C.I.D., it is a grotesque system of universal slavery which - even as you read this - is being implemented by federal and international intelligence police agencies. This computerized I.D. card - to be followed eventually by an implanted chip - is an electronic straitjacket that allows the New World Order's Gestapo to track and link every man, woman, and child on planet earth. Our activities are going to be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by federal Gestapo agencies - the FBI, IRS, BATF, CIA, DIA, DEA, NSA, NRO, FINCEN, the U.S. Treasury Service, the Department of Justice, and countless other police agencies. Implantable Biochips: A “Do or Die” Situation Stunning Disclosures Notice that my book, Mega Forces, first became available to the general public in 1987. At the time my disclosures about the coming, new, implantable biochips which would revolutionize human - and robotic - life as we know it stunned many readers. They simply couldn't believe that the science was that far advanced. But it was. Even as I wrote Mega Forces, I was becoming aware of super-secret experiments by government and corporate laboratories in which human subjects - usually unwilling and unsuspecting guinea pigs were having computer chips and transmitting devices implanted into their cerebral hemispheres (e.g. their brains), auditory (ear) organs, and elsewhere in their bodies. 18.10.2008

Project LUCID by Texe Marrs

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