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I love to experiment with new blends of herbs and spices and give them away to my neighbors and friends instead of cookies or baked goods! kalyn from kalyn’s kitchen I LOVE 2 RUN IN THANKSGIVING 10K RUN & MAKE HOT CHOCOLATE & HOMEMADE PANCAKES 4THE KIDS. THEN WE LAY AROUND & WATCH THE MACY’S DAY PARADE. alison from ingredients, Inc. i look forward to my dad ’ s “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, cinnamon rolls , oranges and a special letter from my dad in my stocking , and baking obscene amounts of cookies .  maria from two peas and their pod We make a feast on Christmas eve, cocktails for the family and then we play games and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Every year. mike from verses from my kitchen “I’d have to say my favorite holiday memory was when my Mom would bake cookies and let us decorate them for Santa! I have to admit, though, a good chunk of those cookies never made it to Santa’s plate! I’m sure my Mom figured that with four kids.” amy singleton, The Nifty Foodie “ Christmas Eve. We’re Italian & have always done the traditional 7 fishes. We’ve modernized many dishes over the years, but still do it! ” michelle from brown eyed baker BAKING MY GRAMMA’S HEIRLOOM SUGAR COOKIES. CRISP, BUTTERY, ALWAYS WITH KITSCHY SPARKLING RAINBOW SUGAR— THEY TASTE LIKE CHRISTMAS TO ME. shauna from piece of cake  SPENDING CHRISTMAS EVE WITH ALL OF MY COUSINS. WE HAVE A HUGE FEAST BUT DON’T EAT UNTIL CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, AND STAY UP FOR HOURS TALKING! jessica from how sweet it is Favorite Holiday Memories My family is Russian, so we celebrate New Year’s big: we have a New Year’s Tree (much like a Christmas Tree), exchange presents, dress up, and spend a lot of time cooking. After I left home for college. This year, for the first time in a long time, we’ll be celebrating New Year’s with my entire family (including my grandfather, who is going to be flying in from Moscow). kasey from turntable kitchen A favorite holiday tradition since childhood, has been to make Gooey Butter Cake for Christmas Morning Breakfast. cheryl from tidymom

FoodieCrush Magazine Issue 01

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