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V O L U ME Seminole Quick I S S UE 3 S U M ME R 201 0 Sooner or later the serious competitor goes through a special, very personal experience that is unknown to most people. Some call it euphoria. Others say it’s a new kind of mystical experience that propels you into an elevated state of consciousness. A flash of joy, a sense of flotation as you compete. The experience is unique to each of us, but when it happens you break through a barrier that separates you from the casual participant, FOREVER. From that point on, there is no finish line. You run for your life. You are addicted to what the competition gives you. Beating the competition is relatively easy, but beating yourself is a never ending commitment. 2 Facts Think on These I , 2 Things As another summer passes, remind yourself that everything you say and do - your life off the court and during practices and games, sends messages to others about your values and character. As a leader make sure you are sending the correct messages. The late Grambling football coach, Eddie Robinson said it well, “coaching is a profession you love. You can’t coach people unless you love them.” Love what you do, pursue your passion, make a difference, expect the best, and, Leadership Lessons 2 Recommended 2 Reading Seminoles in the 3 Don’t Stop Believing, Pros Play of the Month 4 Stan Jones Associate Head Basketball Coach  July 6-15: Evaluation Period  June 12-15: FSU Individual Overnight Camp  July 22-31: Evaluation Period  August 6: Last day of Summer Classes  August 23: Fall Classes begin Above: Coach Hamilton addressing individual camp Left: Station work during camp at Tully Gym

Seminole Sightings - Summer 2010

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