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Florida Public Health Heroes Public Health | Making Public Health a | A Nurse with a Heartfor Community Effort | Touching Lives for a Lifetime | Paving the Way for Improved Maternal and Infant Care | A Legend for Leon County and Public Health | Healthy Children are the Future | 31 Years of Unwavering Public Health Service for Wakulla County | One Person Can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in Public Health | Setting the Bar for Future Physicians | Community-based Magazine InspiresHealthy Living| Dedicated to a Lifetime of Excellent Care | ROOTED in the Community | 35 Years as a Guiding Force for Environmental Health| Making a Difference through | Weaving a Story of Grief into a Exceptional Service PASSION for Infant Health | A Selfless Leader Committed to Public Health and Social Justice| Achieving Community Vitality through Care | Building Health from All Angles| Public public health stories that span 67 counties Protectingthe Future of Environmental Health| Championed Children’s Access to Medical Care across the State and Nation | A Visionary, an Inspiration and a FRIEND | A Vigor for Excellence through Compassionate Care | The Woman Who Introduced Public Health to the Okaloosa County | Tireless Efforts Secure Specialized RESIDENTS of Care | A Lifelong DEVOTION to Public Service | An Ambassador of Public Health | Enhancing the Network of Public Health | EXCEPTIONAL Service through Dedication and Integrity | of Giving Back to the Community | The Heart Public Health in Dixie County| Leader, Advocate and Mentor | Hamilton County’s First Environmental Health Director |

Florida Public Health Heroes

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